Benefit from the Best Warranty You’ll Find for Custom Patio Furniture in Phoenix, AZ!

There are many reasons why people come to Steel Advantage Custom Patio Furniture to search for their next piece of custom patio furniture in Phoenix, AZ. We are able to make patio furniture according to your specifications in beautiful, long-lasting designs. We can help you design entire sets or individual pieces that make your outdoor spaces truly come to life. We even offer other services such as cushion repair and wrought iron powder coating to help keep your older pieces looking brand new long into the future.

Perhaps the biggest reason why so many people trust in our company, however, is that we have the best warranty you’ll find for custom patio furniture anywhere in the Phoenix area. Whenever you make a purchase from our business, you’re guaranteed to walk away without a single regret, knowing that your purchase is protected for many years to come.

From the very first cut of raw steel, all the way through the powder coating process, all of our furniture is hand-built by our highly skilled artisans right here in our factory and showroom in Phoenix. Because we are able to powder coat and fabricate all of our furniture right here in house, we are also able to maintain an extremely high-quality atmosphere, making these outstanding products and warranties possible for all of our customers.

Here’s a quick bit of information about the warranties you’ll have access to when purchasing our products:

  • Furniture: All of our iron steel patio furniture is warranted for the entire life of the original owner when it comes to structural integrity and all the welding performed to manufacture the product(s) you purchase from us. The powder coat finish on these products carries a three-year warranty against any peeling or rusting. However, considering how dry the climate is here in Arizona, the finish on your product should last for many, many years—likely the product’s entire life.
  • Cushions: Because we use only Sunbrella® fabrics on all of our patio outdoor cushions, we are giving all of our customers the absolute highest quality fabrics available in the patio furniture industry. All of these cushions come standard with a five year Sunbrella® manufacturer warranty. These products provide the highest quality, best durability and longest-lasting fade protection and fabric strength you’ll find in the market.

Keep in mind that warranties are not valid until Steel Advantage has received full payment for the products. All warranty repair request must be inspected by an authorized Steel Advantage representative to determine the validity of that request. Steel Advantage also reserves the right to repair or replace the warranted item at the company’s discretion. The powder coat finish may be repaired with touch up paint if less than 10 percent of the finish on the product is flawed, and if a color or pattern is discontinued, an appropriate substitute will be provided.

For more information about our product warranties, call your trusted source for custom patio furniture in Phoenix, AZ today!

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