Diagnosing and Fixing Minor Problems with Your Home Security Doors in Phoenix, AZ

Adding home security doors in Phoenix, AZ is a great method of home improvement, but due to extended use over time, maintenance will be needed to keep your doors in good shape. These tips will help you detect any issues you might be experiencing with your doors, and will help you fix any of these issues so that your doors can continue to effectively secure your family:

  • Keep hinges lubricated: Before you begin to notice any aesthetic flaws with your door, you will probably hear your usually silent door beginning to make noise, which is the first indication that something needs to be adjusted. If you hear your door squeaking, the culprit is almost always the hinging mechanisms, and you can use some over-the-counter lubricant for an easy fix. After you spray the hinges, open and close the door a couple of times so that the lubricant can be fully absorbed, and to ensure that the door’s movements are back to normal. Be sure to wipe off any excess lubricant when you are finished.
  • Efficient movement: Another clear sign that something needs to be tweaked is when you notice that the door does not close in the same manner that it used to. If you find that your door is now quickly slamming shut, or is moving very slowly and closing lightly, the screws in the door closer will need to be adjusted. At the end of the closer assembly, there is a small screw that is near the door handle. Locate this screw and turn it to the left to increase the tension and slow the door down to eliminate the slamming. If you need to increase the speed with which the door closes to allow it to fully close and latch, turn the screw to the right to release some of the tension.
  • Checking the appearance: You should visually inspect your door frequently to make sure that no problematic cosmetic issues are starting to form. Check to make sure that the rubber stripping and spine that the screens or glass windows sit in are in good condition. If there are any gaps, you will eventually have to deal with your air conditioning and heating slowly seeping out of your house. You can also check to see if any of the paint is beginning to chip or peel, and you can get paint that is made specifically for use with steel products at your local hardware store for a small touch-up. Rust is a more serious issue that typically runs deeper than the surface level, so if you notice this anywhere on your door, it is best to consult with a specialist to see if it can be removed or repaired.

Keeping your home security doors in Phoenix, AZ in good working order is necessary to ensure that your family and home are protected at all times. If you find that you have repairs that are beyond the scope of what you are able to handle, call the knowledgeable staff at Eco Advantage Security Doors and Gates for the maintenance you need to keep all that you value protected.

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