The Advantages of Powder Coated Security Doors in Phoenix, AZ

Powder coating is a dry paint that can be applied electrostatically to metal and alloy products for a smooth and uniform finish. Once the coating has been applied to the product, it is cured in an oven at very high temperatures, which allows the individual pigments to disperse and flow freely to create an extremely durable and hardened finished product in many different vibrant colors. This powder coating process is being used more and more in manufacturing, and offers many benefits when used on security doors in Phoenix, AZ that traditional liquid paint cannot.

Quicker turnaround time for custom doors

Most liquid paints require at least two separate applications in order to create a uniformly thick and protective coating, while powder coating can usually be completed fully after just one pass. In addition, traditional liquid paints typically take at least two days to dry and are much more vulnerable to the temperature conditions of the surrounding atmosphere during this drying stage. If the product is set to dry in extreme cold or moist humidity, the finish could be altered significantly and might even have to be retouched, which would add even more time to the process.

Conversely, when a powder coated item comes out of the oven, it is completely cured within the hour, and is ready for the finishing touches. This means that at least two days could be shaved off the entire production process, and your door will be completed and ready to be installed for your use more quickly.

Environmental appeal

Powder coating does not contain heavy metals, solvents or harmful organic compounds, all of which are commonly found in liquid paint. The absence of these unpleasant chemicals means that this type of paint poses very little threat to the environment.

With fewer applications needed, powder coating also provides improved efficiency, and any overspray that is produced can be recycled and saved for future use. This reduction of waste is extremely beneficial for our planet, and also shrinks manufacturers’ annual production costs, allowing for these cost savings to be passed on to the customers purchasing the security doors.

Increased durability

Since powder coating can be up to two times as thick as traditional liquid paint, a door that utilizes powder coating will be much more durable by virtue of this added thickness. Paint that offers this level of toughness is the logical choice for exterior security doors that will be exposed to differing weather conditions throughout the year. Powder coated security doors can last up to 20 years when properly coated and cared for, and they are less likely to have major maintenance issues throughout their lifespan, despite heavy daily usage.

Because of the flexibility of powder coating, you will have a multitude of colors to choose from for your security doors in Phoenix, AZ, and you can even pick a shade that matches your landscaping and décor perfectly. To browse an extensive selection of powder coated doors or have a custom one created to match your home, contact Eco Advantage Security Doors and Gates and take advantage of our deals right away.

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