What to Expect When You Hire a Professional for Security Screen Door Repair in Phoenix, AZ

Are you in need of security screen door repair in Phoenix, AZ? You may have heard that common repairs, such as fixing or replacing the screen, are easy to perform yourself. However, as with the majority of home improvement tasks, it’s highly probable that amateurs will find themselves biting off more than they can chew if they attempt to complete projects themselves instead of hiring a professional.

Keep reading for a better understanding of the steps an expert will take when performing screen door repair, and you’ll likely see that hiring a professional will be worth the money:

  • The professional you hire will cut the replacement screen to the proper size: They will first detach the screen frame from the window before placing it on a flat surface. They will then measure the amount of replacement screen needed to cover the frame before cutting the replacement screen to the needed size. This is a step that is easy for an amateur to perform incorrectly, resulting in the need to purchase another screen to start over.
  • They will then remove the old screen: The contractor performing this work will use a sharp object, such as a nail punch, to make the end of the spline looser before detaching the screen from the frame. (A spline is a piece of plastic secured around a screen frame’s perimeter to keep the screen in place.)
  • The expert will place the new screen on the frame: They will know to place the new screen on the frame with the side that is curved facing down. This will result in an easier screen installation process while allowing the new screen to stay flat.
  • They will need to install a new spline: The expert you select will likely replace the spline in addition to the screen itself. They will carefully shape the spline around the screen frame so that the spline remains as flat as possible. They will then use a specific tool to press the spline into the perimeter of the frame. The screen will now be pulled in tightly.
  • The professional will finish by cutting the extra spline: The craftsman you hire will likely need to cut any unneeded spline once they have pressed it into place all around the frame. They may also cut any excess screen material from the frame’s exterior. They will be able to perform this task with a steady hand because they will likely have considerable expertise completing this step accurately and safely.

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