What You Should Know When Purchasing Window Guards

If you’ve recently had security doors in Phoenix, AZ installed on your property, you may feel the peace of mind that comes with knowing you are taking proactive steps to protect your family and your home. However, if you’ve been wondering whether there is an additional way to boost your safety, window guards may be a good solution for you.

First, let’s take a look at the advantages of window guards before laying out how to determine if window guards are the right choice for you and your home:

  • They can help deter burglars: Intruders frequently choose to enter homes through windows, and window guards prevent burglars from entering your home, in addition to sending the message that you and your family have security measures in place.
  • They are likely more affordable than you think: Window guards frequently are available in a large range of price options. This means that there’s a good chance it’s less expensive than you might expect to add window guards as an extra security measure.
  • They come in a variety of attractive styles: When you think about metal window guards, you might be concerned that installing them will make your home look like a prison. However, there are many window guards on the market created with attractive design in mind, and you can typically choose from a wide selection of styles.

How do you know your home is a good candidate for window guards? Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Are increasing numbers of burglaries occurring in your neighborhood? If you have reason to be more concerned about the safety of your family and your home, window guards may be an effective solution.
  • Are you worried about the effectiveness of other security measures? Is there no neighborhood watch program in your immediate area? Have you been displeased with the time that local authorities take when called upon to perform investigations in your neighborhood? Having window guards installed is a possible proactive option you can choose.
  • Are your ground floor or basement windows not easily visible? If these windows in your home are easily obstructed by bushes or other buildings and your neighbors don’t have a clear path to be able to view them, window guards are a security addition you may want to consider.

If you’ve contemplated the above tips and information and are looking for another way to keep your family and your home safe, you might be feeling ready to research companies who provide these services to find the one that’s the best fit for your needs. Eco Advantage Security Doors And Gates is a family owned and operated company that carries a full line of products to meet your window replacement and home security needs.

We build made-to-order security doors in Phoenix, AZ, as well as entry gates, backyard gates, RV gates and custom front patio steel enclosures. In addition, we offer free installation and delivery with every local window guard purchase. We custom-build window guards that are fitted to your opening, and all of our window guards are made of heavy-duty steel. We mount them with “one-way” screws for additional security. To schedule an appointment for service, or for answers to any questions, call us today!

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