Five Curb Appeal Enhancing Additions For Your Home In Phoenix, AZ

“Curb appeal,” if you own a home, you’ve probably heard that term before. We know we have. But what is it and how do you get it?

Curb appeal simply refers to the exterior elements of your house that make it look attractive when people drive or walk by it. Curb appeal is what realtors want you to add or improve when you put your home on the market. Really great “curb appeal” makes people stop and look at your home even when they weren’t paying attention before.

But even if you have no plans to sell your house anytime soon, there’s no reason you can’t jazz up your home’s exterior so you and your family can enjoy it even more.

Check out these five fantastic ideas we discovered that will easily enhance the outside of your house and impress even the most critical eye, perhaps even your mother-in-law’s:

1.Decorative doors: Painting a dull or neutral door a bright color like red, is one way to change the exterior look of your house, but that doesn’t always work here in Phoenix, AZ. But you can change your home’s look by adding a custom steel door in a vintage pattern. We’re not talking bars, but designs that have that old world feel with rosettes and curved design elements.

2. Add a front enclosure or covered front entrance: Adding a covered element to the front door of your house or a front enclosure like a small courtyard or other entrance can take a flat exterior from bland to beautiful. If your house already has a courtyard, consider adding a decorative steel door to enhance it even more.

3. Gates: If you’re thinking of installing a security gate to your home’s driveway, why not make it look great instead of just your standard bars. Decorative steel gates can coordinate with other steel design touches, or stand out on their own and don’t detract from your home’s design or make it appear like a fortress.

4. Decorative steel window trim: A friend of ours was looking at some model homes this past weekend and noticed something interesting. The houses where the buyers had upgraded just one simple exterior item, looked the most appealing. What was it? Steel railings and window grates. Think Italian and French Mediterranean details which are a look that’s definitely on trend for 2017.

5. Window enhancements: Besides steel window trim like railings, you can cover the entire window with decorative elements like custom window screens or painted shutters. Security window screens and grates can come in custom designs. Plus for 2017 the design trend is classic Mediterranean and not pale painted prison bars. People are painting their decorative grates, gates and security doors black or dark brown so they stand out instead of blending in.

There are all sorts of ways to update your home’s exterior and increase its curb appeal.  Of course here at Eco-Advantage, we’re partial to details made of steel because it’s what we’re passionate about creating. Maybe you’re interested in it too, or maybe you have ideas of your own that you want to try.

Drop us a comment below with your tips for updating your home’s curb appeal and let us know what you think of ours. If you’re interested in learning more about all the different ways steel can be used to craft custom details like doors, window railings and other elements for your home, give a call today, 602-710-2913.

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