Prevent Window Falls: Install Window Guards In Your Mesa, AZ Home

According to WebMD about 5,000 children, a year are injured due to falls from windows in the United States. Just about every year it seems there’s a news story about yet another small child falling out of a Mesa, AZ or surrounding area home. Just this past January 2017, a 2-year-old boy fell from a second story window in Surprise and in October of 2016 a Mesa, AZ boy fell out of a window as well.

That got us thinking about another safety feature for your home that can help keep young children and infants safer while helping prevent burglaries at the same time. Window guards, otherwise known as security windows are essential additions to your Mesa, AZ home to not just deter home invasions but because they also prevent window falls.

Kids are attracted to windows because they show them a great view of the world outside. But you don’t need to bar your children from going near them or turn your entire home into a fortress. Try these easy tips, including custom window guards and your kids will stay safe from window falls.

      • Move Furniture: Look around your home and make sure there aren’t any pieces of furniture that your child can use as a ladder to reach windows that are high up.


      • Stow Stackable Objects: Lightweight items that your child might be tempted to stack to reach a window or an item near an open window, should be out of reach of young children.


      • Lock Windows: This might seem like a no-brainer, but many people forget to lock their windows or don’t realize their windows aren’t secure. As you know, kids are curious and stronger than you think. You’re better off keeping your windows locked than assume your child can’t open a closed or partially opened window.


    • Install Window Guards: During the spring here in Mesa, AZ, you probably don’t want to keep your windows closed all the time and a simple screen isn’t enough to stop the fall of even the lightest toddler. But window guards as long as the openings are four inches or less will allow you to keep your windows wide open to evening breezes while keeping your child from falling out.

We think window guards are your best option for protecting your children from injuries due to window falls by reducing the risk that they’ll fall out of a window even when the window is open. Plus you don’t have to worry about fire safety since you can install window guards that have a push button release so you and older children can open them if there’s an emergency. We’ve written in previous blog posts about how attractive window guards and security windows are, so they won’t make your home look like a prison and can actually enhance the appearance of your property.

If you have any tips for keeping kids safe from window falls, leave them in the comments below and if you have any questions about custom window guards or other safety features for your home give us call at Eco-Advantage’s Mesa Marketplace location today, 480-380-5572.

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