Top 7 Patio Furniture Trends for 2018

Because Phoenix, AZ in the fall is perfect for indoor/outdoor living, your patio probably becomes a second living room once the weather starts to cool in late September or early October. That being said, how do you make your outside spaces look as great as your home does on the inside? When you see outdoor furniture at the grocery store, it can be easy to feel bored and like it’s all the same.

But whether you’re looking to jazz up your current patio space, looking for furniture to complement existing outdoor furniture, or you need an entirely new set of patio furniture, there are actually a lot more options available to you. In fact no matter what your style or taste is we’re confident our list of 7 patio furniture trends for 2018 will help inspire you.

1. Oversized Pillows and Cushions: For the longest time, overstuffed cushions have been reserved for your home’s indoor furniture while your patio furniture often had pillows and cushions that were less fluffy. For 2018, we’re seeing a new trend towards oversized pillows and cushions designed for the outdoors.

2. More Diverse Fire pit Designs: Fire pit designs this year and next are continuing to become more diverse. In addition to the classic rounder pits, we’ve noticed square, angular, rectangular, and other shapes as well as fire pits on casters for greater versatility and mobility.

3. Accessories: Since people spend so much time on their patio or in the backyard around the pool, the latest trend is patio accessories such as lanterns, candle holders, sculptures, throw pillows, area rugs, and other items to make your outdoor areas more similar to interior spaces.

4. Retro Looks: For 2018, we’re seeing retro outdoor furniture looks reminiscent of the 1950’s. Pastel colors and white frames have returned, but leave out the funky flowers and thinner cushions for increased comfort and a vintage flair with a contemporary touch.

5. Deep hues and dark colors: While bright colors and fun patterns are still going to be in for 2018, we’re also seeing outdoor furniture in deep hues, jewel tones, and even black. The colors of the moment in this trend are deep purples, violets, and blue hues.

6. Coastal: Shells, pale ocean blues, sand tones, and other coastal elements that capture the spirit of your last beach vacation are on trend for patio furniture in 2018. Pair sea themed prints with shell-shaped accessories or consider updating your existing furniture with new cushions covered in fish.

7. Mosaic Tables: Whether you’re doing it yourself with an existing table, or you’re purchasing a new one, the return of mosaic tables to the outdoor scene in 2018 means you can bring new life with a pop of Mediterranean bright colors and patterns. You can purchase mosaic kits at craft stores, or buy broken pottery and other supplies to create a beautiful do it yourself look on a custom steel patio or bistro table.

These 7 trends aren’t the only looks that are in for 2018. Here at Steel Advantage, we’re always partial to steel frames, but not everyone is. Still, for durability and strength, fabricated custom steel patio furniture is hard to beat. Plus it’s easy to update by simply changing out the cushions and updating your accessories.

What do you think? We’d love to hear from you. Or if you’re looking for some new pieces for your outdoor space, contact today.