We Have Exciting News: Eco-Advantage is Now Steel Advantage!

If you typed the address to our old site, you might think you landed in the wrong spot and yet things seem familiar. Where did Eco-Advantage go? Who is this Steel Advantage? Not to worry, Steel Advantage still has all the great steel security solutions and deluxe patio furniture that Phoenix, AZ, and Mesa, AZ have known since 2009. We’ve just changed our name!

Why did we change our name from Eco-Advantage to Steel Advantage?

Glad you asked! Over the last few years, as we’ve continued to grow, we’ve created two newer branches of our business, and Eco-Advantage split into 3 related businesses, Eco-Advantage for the steel security products, Eco-Advantage Custom Patio Furniture for custom steel patio furniture, and Steel Advantage for metal fabrication and powder coating.

It was getting confusing. Plus it had become clear that the name Steel Advantage fit all of our products and services better than the name Eco-Advantage did. As a result, starting Oct 3, 2017, we made it official and all of our businesses became Steel Advantage. Plus even though you may have typed in the old Eco-Advantage website address, you were still redirected to our new Steel Advantage website.

We still have all the products & services, including security doors that you’ve relied on since 2009. 

On our new site, you’ll still find our catalog of security door products, patio furniture, and our metal fabrication and powder coating services. Plus just like on our old website, you’ll still be able to chat live with one of our skilled customer service staff when you need help.

We’re really excited about our new name, Steel Advantage, and our new website. We hope you are too! So tell your friends about us & let us know what you think of our new name. We’d love to hear from you!