Discover the Truth About Prefabricated Security Doors

When you’re shopping for a new screen door or a new security door for your Phoenix, AZ area home, you have to make a few decisions, one of which is do you want or need to have a door custom designed or can you get away with purchasing a prefabricated security screen door from your local home improvement store? And what’s the difference between a custom door from a steel security door specialist and a door you find at one of the big box stores like Lowes or Home Depot?

These are all great questions to consider because believe it or not, there is a difference and trying to save money by just buying a door at the hardware store and either installing it yourself or paying for one of their handyman to install it actually might cost you more money than purchasing a custom-made security door directly from a security screen door manufacturer where many features, including installation costs, are standard that the big box stores charge you extra for.

So what can you get when you purchase a custom security door vs an off-the-rack door from a big box store?

Custom Means A Door that Fits

When you buy a door at the store, you’re stuck with the sizes that store carries or having to pay extra for one of their prefabricated doors, custom fit to your home’s doorway. Plus on top of the extra charge for customization, you’ll probably have to pay the cost to ship the door either to you or the store.

But when you buy a custom door, you get a security screen door for your Phoenix-area home that fits the opening because it’s made to measure. Plus a good custom-made door will be flush mounted, a dual edge door sweep, and a felt weather strip for a bug tight seal, and so there are no gaps.

Custom Means A Door that Matches Your Home

You might find a great looking door at one of the big box stores that matches the design of your home and your personality. But what happens if you don’t? It can be frustrating to shop online and drive from home improvement store to home improvement store, looking for your perfect security door, or that cool door you pinned to your Pinterest board. You might never find that one door you really want if you settle for whatever’s available at Home Depot.

Enter your local, Phoenix, AZ security screen door specialist who can build your custom steel door to your exact design, even the design of your dreams you found a photo of online. That’s because a custom door can be a door that is a standard design from a custom door specialist like Steel Advantage, or it can be a completely custom designed door that you design together with the custom security screen door company. You won’t get that from a big box store, ever.

Custom Doors Give You Control

Now that you know the truth about prefabricated doors as well as some of the key benefits of custom security screen doors, you should be better prepared when it comes time for you to purchase new security doors for your home in Phoenix, AZ. But what do you think? Let us know in the comments or chat with us. We’d love to hear from you!