How To Prepare Your Patio for A Phoenix, AZ Summer

Tony Gambino Featured Image How To Prepare Your Patio For A Phoenix, Az Summer

As we head into those months in which 100-plus degree temperatures are the norm, many of us are preparing for summer shenanigans and get-togethers in the shade and maybe some cooling jumps into our pools before sheltering indoors in the air-conditioned cool. And getting ready for the coming intense heat of a Phoenix, AZ summer and the extreme wind, rain, and thunder and lightning of the area’s Monsoons takes many forms, like getting the yard ready for the heat and wind! Or finally fixing the roof! Regardless, there’s plenty to do before June comes rolling in.

Whether you live in Phoenix year ‘round or you’re a snowbird readying your home before you leave until next year’s season, our job this week is to help you get ready and get moving as you ensure that your little piece of the outdoors is good to go for triple-digit temperatures and even the most ferocious Monsoons and dust storms.

Let’s roll up those sleeves and get to work!

1. Touch-Up Any Damage

First things first: are there any obvious signs of wear and tear that need to be fixed? Cracks in the deck? Loose bricks? Has an ant hill or wasp nest set up shop? You’ll want to make sure that these unsightly deteriorations (or dangerous hazards) are removed and patched up to keep your exterior slick and safe.

2. Clean, Cover or Store Your Furniture

If you’ve put a decent amount of money into this kind of investment, outdoor sets should last you a good, long time, but gradual degradation will always be an issue, especially for objects left outside. Any broken chairs or tables that need to be fixed or replaced should be taken care of before exposure to the harsh weather of a Southwest Arizona summer threatens to make the problems worse.

Even if you aren’t in need of any big upgrades, you’ll want to make sure your furniture is clean and fresh-looking: dust and wash the frames, give pillows and cushions a deep scrub. Consider powder coating if you’re noticing any signs of rust: it will last much longer out in the elements than a regular paint job will.

To protect your outdoor furniture, invest in covers or store items in a sturdy shed or a storage unit until the fall when it’s sitting outside weather again here in Phoenix.

3. Make Sure You Have Shade

It’s vital that you have your patio covered during the summer, especially when you live somewhere with such extremes in weather. Phoenix has constant, hot sunlight and the possibility of sudden rains and high winds during monsoon season. Awnings, umbrellas, and tarps will be useful in any kind of climate. Don’t let your kids roast and burn in the heat during clear days when they’re jumping in and out of the pool or get drenched during cloudy ones! Such protection is also invaluable for ensuring the lifespan of your furniture and deck, as persistent sun and downpours aren’t going to do wood or metal any favors if left exposed.

4.Have Lighting and Fans Ready

Sometimes, the best part of a summer day is the evening, as the sun sets, the temperature dips, and one can sit out and enjoy the mild weather well into the night. You’ll want to make sure that you have lighting that will provide good visibility and withstand wind or rain. Your system doesn’t have anything particularly fancy or costly, either: string some basic lights through a series of wall-mounted hooks, put solar lights in the backyard grass, or get some basic LEDs to hang from your awning.

During the summers, even after dark temperatures can still be in the 90’s or even the 100’s. Installing outdoor fans on the ceiling of your shaded patio can help make sitting outside to enjoy the sunset a much more pleasant experience even when the day has been one of the hottest of the year.

It may be April, but Phoenix has a tendency to jump straight from winter to hellishly hot summer in the blink of an eye, so it’s better to prepare sooner rather than later. Just a few touch-ups can be more than enough to have your patio season-ready, and a little elbow grease goes a long way, so let’s get started!