How To Choose Security Screen Doors – Materials, Steel Frames, Aluminum or Metal Alloy Frames?

A security screen door is the most valuable item you can add to your home care additions. These screen doors can not only keep intruders out but also keep mosquitos and other bugs at bay. The following is some information and tips for choosing the best door for your entrance to ensure yourself a safe and happy home.

What Materials Do Screen Doors Come In?

You generally have three options when selecting a security door for your home. Steel, metal alloy, and aluminum are the most common choices for door materials. Before you choose the material for your door, you’ll need to ask yourself a few questions. The first question is this: Is price, strength, or looks most important to you? The answer to that question will determine where to start looking.

You’ll also need to think about the climate and whether you need to leave your front door open sometimes. Leaving the door open is common in locations that have scorching summer temperatures. Another thing to consider is the door’s design and how unique you would like it to be. You’ll need to choose the most flexible option if you seek originality.

Which Material Is the Strongest?

Steel is hands-down the strongest material you can get for a screen door. This material will give you the securely protected feeling you want when you’re inside your home. You’ll feel confident that would-be robbers will have difficulty getting into your home, even if they use tools and special devices. Furthermore, steel frames provide more visibility and airflow than other types of material.

Aluminum is an excellent choice if you live in a neighborhood where it rains frequently. The material doesn’t contain iron, so you’ll have an automatic anti-rust property when the moisture hits the outside of your dwelling. You’ll need to consider this option if you live in a temperamental area and want to preserve your screen door as long as possible. Moreover, aluminum doors tend to have more attractive designs and be more flexible for customization.

A metal alloy is a good option if you want something more corrosion-resistant than aluminum. It’s a mixture of different metals forged together using a bonding process.

Which Material Option Should You Choose?

The choice you make depends on your individual circumstances and your home’s setup. Steel and metal alloy will be the least expensive options if you’re concerned about your budget. The aluminum option will be more expensive, but you’ll benefit from rust prevention. Steel is the strongest option, but you can still make the other options act like they are steel. The way you can do that is by having the frames widened. You must add at least 6 inches to an aluminum frame to give it the same impact a steel frame will have.

Now you know the difference between various screen doors and how to choose the most effective one for your home. Ask your security screen door installer to explain other options to you if they are available.