What Is the Best Coating for My Security Screen Door?

Here at Steel Advantage, we work on a variety of factors that impact our customers directly as far as how useful their security doors are and what they can do to up the utility of those security doors when necessary. We want to show you why the security door finishes that you select are extremely important to the value you get from your door.

Powder Coating Is a Great Option

One of the things that we provide to our clients that you don’t necessarily see elsewhere is cutting edge technology known as powder coating. This is a big step up from the paint coating that is provided on most other security doors. Perhaps you haven’t spent much time thinking about the type of coating on your doors before, but it is important to look at something like this. After all, the coating that goes onto your doors is something that will either make them extremely valuable to you, or it will cause you to not be able to get as much value out of them.

Smooth and Even Distribution

Our customers love powder finishing on their security doors because those finishes can produce a nice and even distribution across the door. This is to say that you can see the way that this coating goes out across your whole door in a way that is visually pleasing and easy to get a lot of added value from.

Great Durability

The strength of the coating that you place on your door is another important factor. Since the doors we are talking about in this instance are security doors, everyone who owns them wants to ensure they are getting a strong door that they can rely on when it comes to keeping themselves safe and secure.


Another thing that plenty of customers have pointed to is the fact that powder-coated security doors have more flexibility than doors that rely on painting for their door sealant. The flexibility that is offered by a powder-coated door instead is something that many of our customers are thrilled about.

Corrosion Protection

You can count on the doors that we provide with our powder coating technology to help you keep the corrosion off of your doors. No one wants to deal with corrosion, but it can happen if you have a door with a lesser finish on it. That said, if you rely on powder coating, you should be in great shape to keep your home protected from the elements.

When you need to rely on security doors to keep yourself safe, you will want to make sure you get the qualities that you need out of those doors every time. Our team can work with you on this to provide you with the resources you need to have a door that brings you true peace of mind.