What Are the Different Types of Screens Used on Security Doors?

Are you thinking about new screen doors or repairing your current doors for better security? When it comes to the type of screen door options available today, home and business owners have plenty of good choices. That includes more options than ever for the quality and color of mesh material for your next screen door.

Choosing the Right Type of Screen for Your Door

With all the types of screens available, there is really only one question: Which is the right type of screen for your door? Your needs and the purpose of your screen door will determine the answer. The good news is you can pick any screen you want. Here are some popular options and their benefits.

Standard Screen Options

With the idea of more comfort than security in mind, the manufacture of standard screens uses a 50% woven polyester material. These screens offer great airflow and visibility and are usually a charcoal color.

Sunscreen Options

Good options for shading and privacy, sunscreens have a tighter weave and consist of about 80% woven polyester material. These screens also have a range of basic color options.

Perforated Metal Screen Options

A step up in terms of security and durability, perforated metal screens are also favorites for pet owners. Constructed using sheet steel pieces, these screens prevent pets (and others) from scratching through. Perforated metal screens also offer the benefit of powder coating, permitting a range of different color choices.

Security Screen Doors

These screen doors, meant for security, should be installed to ensure no one can enter unless you leave the key in the lock. That means if the door has no screen, it still prevents entry.

Made with threads of woven steel, security screen doors create an impenetrable barrier. It enhances protection, especially if there are concerns about someone reaching inside.

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