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Note that all repair and installation services (not repowders) also have a minimum service charge of $95 for the first 30 minutes of work, and $12.00 per each additional 15 minutes of work.

New Lock ($35)New Lever/Handle ($35)Re-key Lock to Match Entry ($45)New Closer & Wind Chain ($45)New Weather Stripping ($35)New Expander w/rubber ($35) if requires powder coating add $75New Rubber only ($15)New Super Screen ($125)New Sun Screen ($180)Take Down Door/Gate ($130)Re-install Door/Gate ($130) plus new parts if old ones not usableAdd or Replace Glass/Perf Metal, Full Door ($300)Add or Replace Glass/Perf Metal, Top ($125)Add or Replace Glass/Perf Metal, Middle ($50)Add or Replace Glass/Perf Metal, Bottom ($125)RePowder Security Door ($785)RePowder Gate ($645)

Repowdering prices for both gates and security doors includes labor and takedown, stripping, re-powder coating, new screens and frames, and re-installation.

Customers with existing Steel Advantage(?) products, please describe your warranty service needs here.

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