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Maintenance Tips in Phoenix, AZ

From time to time certain parts of your Steel Advantage Security Doors, Gates, and Patio product(s) may need service or maintenance in Phoenix or Mesa, AZ. Following is a list of the most common problems and how to service the issue. Questions about maintenance, our warranty, or home protection guarantee? Contact us!

  • Door Closer: Periodically the closer will need an adjustment to either close the door at a slower rate to avoid slamming, or a faster rate to assist the door in closing fully until latched.  There is an adjustment screw located in the end of the closer.  Weather changes often cause this.To adjust the closer speed, turn the screw ‘in’ for slower operation and ‘out’ for faster. At times the door may not close fully, staying open just a little bit. If this happens make sure the snub nose used to hold door open is in the proper position.

    Here’s a YouTube video we recently shot showing how to replace your door closer:

  • Squeaky Doors: If you should find your door starting to squeak you can lubricate the hinges to eliminate the noise.  You can use WD40 or any penetrating lubricant, just wipe off the excess.
  • Locks: Periodically your locks should be lubricated inside the key cylinder area on both sides to keep them working freely and easily.  Same lubricant as above or a lock ease type.
  • Levers: Periodically your lever should be lubricated in the mechanism that slides in an out of your door.  This will keep the lever operating smoothly.  Same lubricants as above.
  • Keys: If your lock has been re-keyed to match your existing interior lock you will not be supplied any extra keys since our lock will now be keyed to your personal house key.  The keys that actually came with the lock are now useless as the keyway has been changed.Should you have extra keys made use a qualified service to ensure smooth operation.
  • Cleaning: The best way to clean your product is to spray a mild cleaner such as Windex on it and wipe it down.  Using a hose is not recommended, however; if you do use a hose, towel dry afterwards to avoid sitting water which may cause rust development in the future.

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