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Luxury and uniqueness can’t be bought at a big box furniture store and you’re certainly not going to find it at a local rummage sale. Instead, if you’re searching for a superior level of quality from your custom patio furniture in Phoenix, AZ, the answer is Steel Advantage. With every single order made specifically for you, we’re the gold standard for patio furniture that’s truly custom.

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Made to order

What do you get when you choose us to craft your patio furniture? Anything you can dream of! Because we make every piece custom to the order, we can work with you to ensure all of your unique and specific criteria are met for custom outdoor furniture in Phoenix, AZ. From the height, width and length appropriate to your stature, to the precise angle on your backrests and the degree of incline on your lounger, we tailor everything, right down to the smallest degree.

All the trappings of luxury

In addition to the physical frame of your chairs, tables, loungers, ottomans and other wrought iron furniture in Phoenix, AZ, we’re also happy to work with you to design the pillows, cushions and other trappings that will bring your furniture to life.

Using Sunbrella® materials, we craft exquisite accoutrements that make your time spent outdoors some of the most comfortable. We guarantee you won’t find better custom patio cushions in Phoenix, AZ when it comes to comfort, longevity and resilience.

Start designing today

Speak with one of our professionals today. We’ll help you realize your vision and bring your unique patio furniture to life with an unparalleled level of craftsmanship and quality.

Give us a call today at 602-710-2913 for more information about our process and to set your project in motion. We’re happy to provide free quotes on all of the work we do!

Experience The Best Quality Custom Furniture

10% off all patio furniture

Patio furniture is designed to uplift your quality of life outdoors and bridge the gap between interior comfort and exterior freedom. The San Marcos Series from Steel Advantage is a testament to this marriage, with a design that offers freedom, allure, sophistication and comfort.

You won’t find the San Marcos Series at any patio furniture store in Phoenix, AZ for one simple reason: it’s a cut above the ordinary. The alluring designs of the series can’t be replicated by a factory line or imitated by cheap manufacturers. Instead, the wrought-iron resilience and defining features of these chairs, tables and loungers is unique to Steel Advantage.

About the design

The San Marcos Series features rounded legs and curled arm ends, with a slotted, slat-like design that blends simplicity with luxury. The look of each piece in this series is simple, with just the right amount of accent to mark the quality of the custom nature of the collection. It’s meant to be an understated, back-to-basics line that merges traditional comfort with modern demands for luxury.

San Marcos Series pieces sit lower to the ground, creating a bridge between you and the outside world. It’s easy to sink into a chair or lounger and experience the comfort, while you take in the fresh air, bright sun and lackadaisical atmosphere of your outdoor space. This design is for the outdoor reader, the sunbather, the relaxer and anyone seeking euphoria outdoors.

The San Marcos Series in Phoenix, AZSan Marcos

If you’re looking to transform your outdoor space into an area where you can relax and experience the calmness of nature, it’s time to look beyond a traditional patio chair cushion store in Phoenix, AZ. Let Steel Advantage introduce you to the San Marcos Series today.

Stop by and visit us or give us a call at 602-710-2913 for more information about this stunning series of tables, chairs, loungers and more.

The Premier Series Patio Furniture

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Bold luxury is something everyone craves and something many people imitate. With the Premier Series of patio furniture from Steel Advantage, however, there’s no need to imitate! This line of sophisticated patio furniture brings bold luxury to life in your outdoor spaces and affords you all of the comfort and allure that you deserve from high-end, custom patio furniture sets in Phoenix, AZ.

If you’re looking for a way to stand out, be unique, and impress everyone you’re entertaining outdoors, the answer is the Premier Series. From backyards to corporate areas, common spaces and beyond, there’s no matching the authenticity of these pieces. You’re certain to see the quality, feel the comfort and believe the allure.

About the design

The Premier Series features an emphasis on geometric design. Square frames and legs add a harshness to the appeal of tables and chairs, giving them a more blocked appearance that signals stability and firmness. With defined edges and purposeful construction, the Premier Series aims to exude sophistication in a meaningful way.

Despite a firm appearance and solid, stable overtones, comfort is unmatched on the Premier Series! Comparable to the sound craftsmanship of old, you won’t find a marriage of beauty and comfort quite like this at a patio chair cushion store in Phoenix, AZ! Once you sit down, you’ll see for yourself just how inviting the Premier Series can be.

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Bring the Premier Series home in Phoenix, AZ

If you’re tired of flimsy patio furniture that wanes year after year, or you’re stuck with outdoor complements that do little to bolster the sophistication of your exterior living space, it’s time to explore the Premier Series. With durability, sophistication and allure all woven into the construction of these pieces, bringing them home is an investment in lifestyle and luxury.

For more information about the Premier Series or any other sets from Steel Advantage, get in touch with us today by calling (602) 710-2913.

Cushion Recovering or Replacement

10% off all patio furniture
Custom patio furniture is one thing. Having custom patio cushions in Phoenix, AZ to compliment your investment in unique patio furniture is another! At Steel Advantage, we aim to deliver the best of both worlds to you, ensuring you’ve got quality custom cushions to go with your investment in unique patio furniture.

Only the best materials

When you come to us for custom cushions, you’re getting more than a beautiful set of cushions that are comfortable and durable—you’re also getting the reassurance that comes with the best brand name materials.

We use Sunbrella® materials when crafting our cushions—a brand that has established itself at the foremost head of the industry for outdoor fabrics. Rest assured, Sunbrella® materials will offer you a bevy of benefits, including:

  • Moisture resistance that prevents mold and mildew growth.
  • UV-resistance that mitigates fading and material degradation.
  • High comfort construction that never loses its softness.
  • The benefits go on and on! The best part is that you won’t find this level of rugged resilience and soft construction at any patio chair cushion store in Phoenix, AZ.

cushionsUpholstery Repairs in Phoenix, AZ

Far and above simply providing our customers with custom quality cushions for their unique patio furniture, we also offer repair and re-upholstery services to help your cushions stay in perfect condition. We’re dedicated to preserving the quality that we provide.

If you’re interested in learning more about our abilities when it comes to custom patio furniture cushions, or you want to explore your vision for cushion design, get in touch with us today by calling 602-710-2913. We’re happy to speak with you about your unique needs and can help you explore all of our brilliant options.

Powder Coating Services

before and after chairBecause we deal exclusively in custom, wrought iron furniture in Phoenix, AZ, Steel Advantage is pleased to offer powder coating services for your convenience. Powder coating is essential to finishing outdoor furniture and plays an integral role in its protection against the elements, as well as its longevity.

What is powder coating?

Powder coating—sometimes called static painting—is the idea of adhering small statically charged particles to a piece of metal, then baking them on for a finish that’s incredibly resilient. It’s a stronger solution than any wet paint, and offers a slew of benefits that make it ideal for patio furniture:

  • It creates an impermeable moisture barrier, to help prevent rust from forming.
  • It adds a professional appeal to the finished product and creates an even tone throughout.
  • It reduces abrasions and other forms of marring that can detract from furniture.
  • It prevents metal splinters and spurs from forming over time.
  • If you’ve got tables or custom patio chairs in Phoenix, AZ made of wrought iron, it’s important to ensure they’re powder coated for their protection and your enjoyment of them.

Powder Coating Services in Phoenix, AZ

If you’ve got old or unprotected patio furniture that is in need of powder coating, get in touch with Steel Advantage today! We offer comprehensive powder coating services to ensure your furniture is living up to your expectations of it, and that it’s remaining fresh and clean for years to come.

We can even help you remedy rust issues that have already started forming on your furniture and provide a sustainable powder coating solution that ensures your pieces retain their value for the future.

For more information about powder coating services for your wrought iron furniture, get in touch with us today by calling 602-710-2913.

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