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DIY Public Security Door Installation

PUBLIC Do-It-Yourself Install

If you would like to install your own door you can!

Many of our local customers have 2nd homes in an area that we don’t serve.
Other local customers are capable of doing their own install.
This process provides them an opportunity to have us build the product for install by themselves, or by a handyman in their community.

Local pick up is no charge. Shipping charges will be added based on product and delivery address.

We will supply you with a ‘fill in the blanks’ measure sheet that we can build from and phone support.

Also, helpful videos (below) show how to measure & install.

Please keep in mind that on Self Install products we build to your exact measurements, and do not provide warranties or service, and there are no returns on custom made products. Please call Steel Advantage Security Doors, Gates, and Patio at (602) 710-2913 with any questions.

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