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June 28, 2022 Janis Coppock

Great Service and Solid Door

"I had to contact Steel Advantage because the color I ordered wasn't what I was expecting when the door arrived. When I did a chat and when I talked to the receptionist about it, they were all very pleasant and intent on helping me. The first installer, John, was gracious when I told him I couldn't accept it and he agreed the color wasn't close to what I should have had. The second installer, Chris Hunt, did an excellent job putting it in and he too, was also very friendly and polite. The salesman, Ed, really was sort of rude about it but I felt everyone else bent over backwards to correct the color and I am extremely happy with what I got. The decision to make the correction was made by the supervisor and owner and when they instantly said they would change the color at no cost, that meant a lot to me. It showed their integrity and wanting to be sure the customer was satisfied. When you can resolve the issue pleasantly and quickly it means a lot. I would recommend them to others if they are looking for a solid security door and great customer service. "
June 17, 2022 Jo N

"Our door looks fabulous!!! When our previous attempt at a door installation revealed that the image lay-outs were mixed up, Steel Advantage AZ made it right by fixing the mistakes, plus allowing us to tweak our order a bit from what we had previously requested - all at no additional cost to us! They also made sure that we were not waiting long to have the 2nd attempt at installation completed! We were put into their schedule in just a little over a week later. The images on the door turned out fabulous, and the installer, Chris Hunt, made sure that everything was "to par" and to our satisfaction. Thanks, Chris! Thanks, Steel Advantage AZ!"
June 17, 2022 Phil K.

Phil K. | 2022-06-13 22:09:20

"Installer Chris Hunt was on time, very professional, and explained everything I needed to know about the door. Quality and installation were top notch."
June 17, 2022 Debbie

Debbie | 2022-06-16 18:53:17

"It was very refreshing to have a friendly and competent installer come out to do my screen doors. He was knowledgeable and outgoing,and appeared to enjoy his work. He completed the job in a reasonable amount of time, and I was satisfied with the out come. Thank you,John!"
June 6, 2022 Ken Freeman


"These are very well made and beautiful to boot! I am very very happy with my purchase. I am also very impressed with the high quality and very professional installation by Chris P. He was very courteous and professional from his polite introduction and throughout the installation. Perfect."
May 18, 2022 Cathryn Wagner

Very happy!

"I'm thrilled with my new security door, and am pleased at how smoothly the whole process was from ordering to installation. I love the quality of the door, the fit and finish, and how strong and beautiful it is. John installed the door quickly and efficiently. He was even able to key the lock on the security door so the front door key would unlock it too. (I was told when I purchased the door that the lock that came with it wouldn't be able to be keyed to the front door, and I accepted that.) Everyone from the company with whom I came in contact were all kind and professional. I can't say enough good things about this company and my door."

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