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Security Products in Sun City, AZ

Doors, entry gates and window guards provide multiple advantages to homes and commercial businesses. These amenities include increasing the value of your property, keeping your place safe, saving money on energy costs, and adding beauty to your resident or office building. Those who desire the best in artisanship designs would be wise to invest in American-made products from Steel Advantage in Arizona. Our family-owned and operated company has staff members with a combined number of over 80 years of experience to work for you. Contact us now!

Sun City


You can relax and feel protected when our doors are installed. We make them durable to keep uninvited guest out! We believe it will be difficult to achieve, but if someone breaks into your locked door, we will take care of everything. This means we can restore or give you another door for free and pay your insurance deductible up to $1,000.

Single Doors

Having your home or business fortified does not mean that it should look as though it is a jail, with an unsightly appearance. Out of our offerings of more than 150 lovely styles, we know there is a single security screen door to satisfy our most discriminating customers. Our selection of doors includes Southwestern, contemporary, Old World themes and more. We can even customize your order with any image you desire. In the end, your place will look aesthetically pleasing while being safeguarded.

Double and Arcadia-Style Doors

Double security and Arcadia-style doors furnish protection while displaying outstanding craftsmanship. They come in an array of ironwork accents, such as floral, hummingbirds, art deco and medallions. Yet, behind this beauty, you are shielded from unfavorable situations. With these doors, individuals can make a bold statement while enhancing their houses or businesses.

Laser Doors

Laser beam is the high-tech method involved in creating these doors. It affords an accuracy that has never been seen before within the ironwork sector. We now have the capability to easily produce silhouettes and patterns on our laser doors. Even though this technique is progressive, our team of experts make sure we still pay attention to the fine details that our customers demand.

Entry Gates

Our extraordinary front gates are built by our in-house professionals, so people need not be concerned if they have inquiries. These elegant entryways shield individuals, keeping them safe in their residents or preventing their commercial establishments from coming to harm. Coming with a Home Protection Warranty, you have the assurance your single- or double-entry gates are backed by Steel Advantage if there are any issues with the product.

Guards for Windows

We customize the handmade window guards and construct them to your specifications. Although the windows are secured, folks will not feel as though they are looking through the bars of a prison. Peering through their windows, all they will see is the attractiveness of the metalwork. All styles come up to fire code standards when required by law.

Do You Need High-Quality Security?

You might wonder if you need doors in Sun City, AZ. For those who want to enjoy their surroundings and have peace of mind, it would be a good idea to invest in high-quality doors from Steel Advantage. Going above and beyond our customers’ needs is important to us. Limited lifetime warranties on installations, felt stripping on doors to keep out pests, tamper-proof hinge screws, powdered-coated doors, and accessories so everything matches, careful packaging to prevent damage to doors and customization are just samples of what we deliver with our standard product line.

Door FAQs

Now is the time for you to reach out to Steel Advantage in Arizona, where you can get exclusive doors, gates, and window guards installed for adding extra security and a striking appearance to your home or business. You can also text us at 602-730-2096 or call 602-710-2913 for more information.

  • How Many Colors Are Your Doors Available In?
    Individuals have the choice of 200 colors.
  • What Features Should I Look for in a Door?
    When a person is in the market for a door, they need to be aware of certain things. The door should have beveled edges at the meeting of the joints. This helps to prevent corrosion. The airflow and visual aspects should not be obstructed. It should come with written assurance that if the door does not meet the standard or fall apart, the company will replace it.
  • How Do I Stop My Door From Squeaking?
    If your door start squeaking, lightly apply some WD40 or 3-IN-ONE lubricant to the hinges. Open and shut the door several times to help distribute the viscous liquid between the hinges. Wipe off any extra oil. This should take care of the noise.

Please call Steel Advantage Security Doors, Gates, and Patio at (602) 710-2913 with any questions.

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