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Security Doors Without Bars: Because Your Home Isn’t a Prison

You want your home to be secure and safe from thieves. You probably already have an alarm that’s monitored by a security company. Your neighbors have security doors, and maybe even security screens on their windows, but you just don’t like how they look. Maybe your fear is that bars on the doors and windows of your home would make it look like a jail or a halfway house. Perhaps you’re worried about curb appeal and if security doors and windows will give a bad impression about the neighborhood to guests and potential buyers.

We understand why you’d feel that way, but times have changed. You can now get security doors without bars so there’s no reason for your home to look like a prison in order for you to keep burglars out and your family safe. Modern security doors come in a wide variety of options. Let’s explore a few types of security door solutions that won’t make your doors look like an entrance to a jail cell.

  • Vintage design security doors: You’ve probably seen these doors on homes when you’ve driven through an area, or perhaps one of your neighbors has one, and not even realized they were security doors at all. They look more like doors from a bygone era or even straight out of history. Without a bar in sight and rounded designs, they’re a secure alternative to simple security screen doors with bars.
  • Custom design security doors: Don’t like bars on your doors and windows or any existing designs in a company gallery? You can design a beautiful door that improves the look of your home and keeps everyone and everything inside secure. You can even match it to other design motifs present throughout your home.
  • Modern design security doors: Whether you choose your design from a catalog or make up one of your own, you can find contemporary looking security doors that look like part of the design of your house and no like security doors as all. Anything you can imagine can be made into a security screen door.
  • Eco Guard security doors: Maybe you just don’t want anything covering your doors and windows that has visible metal on it at all, no matter what the shape. You might have a front door that you love and don’t want to hide. Guess what? You can now get security doors and windows that won’t obscure your custom made front door and that completely blend into the exterior of your home. That’s because they use stainless steel mesh instead of steel bars. Don’t worry, stainless steel mesh can’t be cut, slashed or penetrated and it’s nearly invisible so these doors are just as burglar proof as more conventional security doors.

As you can see, security doors have changed. They won’t make it seem like you live in a rough neighborhood, can increase your home’s curb appeal, and can even be invisible. You don’t have to turn your house into Fort Knox or maximum security level prison to have peace of mind. There’s no reason security doors and windows need to alter the look and feel of your home’s design aesthetic at all.

We’d love to hear your feedback so comment below. If you have any questions about security doors or want to know more about ways to protect your home without making it look like a jail, give us call today.

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