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Security Window Screens in Phoenix, AZ

With the current rise in crime all over the nation, it’s time to think about increasing the security in your home. According to Daily Home Safety, approximately 3,000 burglaries happen daily, and 23 percent of intruders enter through the first-floor windows. Hence, the need for custom-made security window screens in Phoenix AZ.

What Is a Security Window Screen?

A Security window screen looks extremely similar to a standard window screen; however, it is built with a High-Tensile 304 Stainless steel security mesh. It offers total security from break-ins and also offers total glass protection as there is no way to push or hit the screen in far enough to ever hit the glass. This is extremely helpful for business owners as well, as it prevents windows from being broken when covered with our Security Screens.

With our Security Screens No One Gets In – Guaranteed*

Please take a look at our Security Screen Video’s here.

The Benefits of Switching To Security Screens

Safety isn’t the only benefit you’ll receive if you choose to switch to security screens. These are some of the additional benefits you’ll get:

Solar Heat Reduction

The amount of heat that comes through the windows can send your electricity bill into overdrive. However, our security window screens have materials that can reduce solar heat by 66 percent. That means you’ll save money in addition to keeping your family safe.

ADA Compliance

These products come with a quick and easy fire release mechanism so you can make your way to safety if a fire erupts. Therefore, they are ADA compliant and useful in preserving your life during a disaster.

Better Airflow

Our window screens have effectively improved the airflow within the homes that have them installed. Thus, they’re a smart choice if you want to get higher quality air.

US Manufacturing

If you want to support US manufacturers and workers, these products are for you. All security screens are crafted in the US, and you can support the creators by placing an order for your security window screen through us.

Stop Intruders at the Gate

Alarm systems are excellent for letting you know you’ve been robbed or someone is in the process of robbing you. But security screen windows stop intruders at the gate. No one gets in with our screens installed, so the heist stops at the entranceway. Done.

Who Qualifies for Security Screens?

Anyone can qualify for security screens, whether you’re an individual homeowner or business owner. You can learn more if you’re interested in reaching out to schedule an appointment. A representative can come to your home or business for free to discuss the project. You’ll be under no obligation to buy security window screens, but you may want to after you hear how affordable and efficient they are.

Don’t worry if you don’t have the money for the whole job immediately because you can access zero-down financing. Ask about the available payment plans and determine if you can start protecting your home immediately.

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