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Top Five Security Screen Door Design Options

A few weeks ago we assured you that security doors and windows on your house don’t have to make your home into a prison. We’ve also been talking about the importance of home security, especially when you’re away and ways to keep your vulnerable sliding glass doors from attracting thieves. You’ve hopefully learned a lot, but now what? Since your imagination is the only limit to what you can choose as far as security screen door and window designs, where do you start?


We’ve put together the following list of the top five security screen door designs to help you decide and ensure that shopping for screen doors, steel gates, gallery enclosures, and security window screens aren’t a dilemma.



  • Plain Bars: Plain bars are what most people probably think of when they hear the words, “security doors, and windows.” And just because vertical bars are used in jails and some hospitals, it doesn’t mean that your home will look like one just because you’ve chosen this design.
  • Angles and Shapes: Geometric designs and angled bars lend a contemporary look and feel to your doors and gates. They look great on more non-traditional architecturally designed home exteriors.
  • Curves and Curls: Round shapes and curves give an instant antique or even old world look to your home’s exterior. These styles never look like a security enclosures. They can make any house look special and give the outside of your house a retro feel.
  • Suns, Rays, & Waves: A sun design can appear dynamic and exotic, or it can look soft and flowing depending on if the bars are curved or straight. Wavy bars can even give the appearance of water or a sunset.
  • Southwestern: Here in Arizona, doors and windows with iconic southwestern themes like a saguaro cactus, coyotes, lizards, and even cowboys are extremely popular. Depending on your taste, you can subtly incorporate them into any door design or go wild.
  • Plants and Animals: Leaves, dolphins, horses, and birds, are also great choices for security screen doors and gates.  If you’re in the greater Phoenix, AZ area, you’ve probably come across a hummingbird or quail screen door or two at some point.
  • Invisible: If you can’t decide on a design or you just want a security door that’s virtually invisible, a security screen door with no bars could be your best bet. You can even have safety glass put in it which keeps your air conditioning inside during the hot summers and can be removed to allow a cool breeze in the spring and fall.



No matter what type of security door or window you choose, your home will look great and be more secure. We’re confident this list of design ideas will translate into an easy choice for the right look for your doors and your home.


Tell us what you think below. If you have any questions or want to learn more about security doors and windows, call us today.

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