5 Essentials For Keeping Your Winter Home Secure This Summer

Here in Phoenix, it seems like the hot weather arrives earlier every year. It’s only mid-March and already temperatures have hit the 90’s. If you’re one of the many Phoenix area winter only residences, or “snowbirds,” you’re probably starting to think about heading north already. But will your winter home here in Phoenix stay secure while you’re gone? In order to help you, we put together this list of five essentials, including security screen doors to help you protect your home before you leave Phoenix, AZ for the summer this year:

1. Install an alarm system:

Home security systems might not be necessary if you live here all year, but with a seasonal property, they can be a deterrent to burglars during the six or more months you’re away from your Phoenix area home. Plus the alarm systems available nowadays allow you to monitor your Phoenix area home from your smartphone or tablet while you’re away.

2. Invest in Security Doors and Windows:

Investing in high-quality security screen doors and windows for your Phoenix, AZ area home is crucial. Make sure you don’t neglect any sliding glass doors when installing security doors. Thieves look at these as invitations, so keep them covered too. You might worry that security doors will make your home look like an ugly fortress, but they don’t have to. Custom security doors and windows like the ones we make here at Eco Advantage can actually make your home look more attractive while deterring break-ins.

3. Make your Phoenix, AZ area home look lived in:

Besides alarms and security screen doors, just the illusion that someone’s home can help keep burglars away during the summer months. Put indoor lights on timers so they turn on and off at the appropriate times, as well as setting a television or radio, tuned to a news or talk station, to go on at intervals. In addition, make sure to stop mail and newspaper delivery. An overstuffed mailbox or newspapers in your driveway alert burglars that nobody’s home.

4. Ask year-round neighbors to keep watch:

Don’t hide keys around your Phoenix, AZ property. Instead, ask a neighbor who lives nearby all year to help keep an eye on your home. Give them your extra key, including any security door keys. You can even encourage them to spend time at your house, even use your pool to make it seem more obvious that somebody is home.

5. Hire a caretaker:

If none of your neighbors live in Phoenix year-round, hire a caretaker to help look after your home. They will collect any mail or newspapers, and discard door hangers that businesses leave. A caretaker need not stay in your home and often won’t. There might even be someone in your housing development who has a business providing this service. Check your community’s online bulletin board and ask around for recommendations.

There’s a lot to consider when you’re securing your Phoenix area winter home before leaving for the hot season. We hope we’ve helped give you some ideas. Even just installing the right type of security screen doors and windows can make a huge difference in keeping your property and valuables safe. Let us know what you think about these ideas, or leave some of your own below.

If you have any questions, or just want to know more about custom security doors, those of us here at Eco Advantage are here to help. Give us call today.

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