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How To Prepare Your Patio Furniture For Monsoon Season

Let’s face it, summers in Phoenix, AZ are harsh. Between the triple-digit heat and monsoon season wind, your patio furniture can take a beating. What’s more, if you’re gone for most to all of the hotter months, you really don’t want to return to faded cushions or patio furniture that’s blown over into the neighbor’s pool.

Now that the temperatures are starting to get into the 90’s, even the evenings will be too hot for outdoor eating and lounging. Plus you might be thinking about heading north or east to your summer homes if you have one. All of this points to the fact that it’s time to think about what to do with your patio furniture; what to store and what can stay out if anything.

We’ve compiled this how to list to help you prepare your patio furniture for the hot Phoenix, AZ summer:


Before you leave for the season or before it gets too hot if you’re not, whether you plan to store your furniture or leave it in place, it’s a good idea to gently clean your patio furniture.

  • Cushions: If your cushions don’t have removable covers, no problem, you can mix up a solution of water, dishwashing detergent, and borax and gently sponge off any dirt and spills, rinse the cushions, then air dry them in the sun.
  • Umbrellas and Sunshades: Wash umbrellas, awnings or sunshades with a mild soap and brush, then let them dry in the open position.
  • Glass: Clean glass tabletops with glass cleaner to remove lingering fingerprints and smudges.
  • Metal: You can gently wash the surfaces of your metal furniture with a mild soap and rinse with water.


Whether you’re covering and storing your outside furniture, or covering items and leaving them out, it’s not enough just to clean everything. The end of patio season is the best time to protect your furniture from outdoor elements.

  • Spray and Repair Soft Furnishings: Because of the intensity of the sun and our hot weather here in Phoenix, AZ, it’s a good idea to make sure your patio cushions are water resistant and UV protected. If they aren’t already protected, you’ll need to spray them with a good fabric spray to keep their colors bright and the stuffing mildew free.
  • Remove Rust and Powder Coat Metal Furniture: If your furniture isn’t already protected from rust and splintering, then now is the perfect time to have it powder coated. Powder coating creates a barrier that protects metal from moisture, scratches, and splintering. Even if you haven’t protected your furniture in the past and rust has formed, it’s not too late. You can have the rust removed and the powder coating applied afterward.


The next step in preparing your patio for the Phoenix, AZ summer is to decide what furniture needs to be covered and what furniture needs to be secured so it doesn’t blow away in a monsoon or other heavy windstorm. You’ll definitely want to store or secure any lighter items of furniture.

Custom covers are a better solution than sheets or tarps for keeping your patio furniture protected from dust and the elements. Plus covers are necessary whether you’re storing furniture or not. You’ll also want to make sure any umbrellas are closed and that sunshades were properly installed.


Some people don’t store their outdoor furniture over the summer, especially if you’re in Phoenix, AZ all year. Sometimes there are summer nights where you might still be able to entertain outdoors, or perhaps you have a pool and need a place to lounge while you dry off.

If not, it’s fine to store your covered furniture in a garage, storage unit or unused spare room. If you’re a snowbird, you can just bring it inside. Storing your patio furniture also protects it from theft, especially if it’s out of sight of prying eyes.

There’s a lot to consider when you’re getting ready to leave Phoenix, AZ for the summer, or even if you’re not. But by taking a few precautions like the ones we suggest above, your patio furniture will last for many years to come.

If you have any questions about caring for your patio furniture, comment below or contact us today. And don’t forget to visit us at the Phoenix Home and Garden Show this month from April 28 through April 30.


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