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The Problem With Wood Courtyard Gates in Phoenix, AZ

Courtyards are a common feature of many homes here in Phoenix, AZ. They’re pleasant spots for you to enjoy your morning coffee in the spring and fall months. If they’re a small backyard area, or a front section of the front of a house though, they’re another access point to your home as well.

There are other reasons to invest in a courtyard gate or gate for your backyard. Gates can make your home look more attractive, especially with all the different types and design of gates available to you these days. There’s wood or composite wood, all metal or metal framed gates that you can choose from. But what type of gate should Phoenix, AZ residents choose?

Let’s explore all the pros and cons of some of the courtyard and other types of gate options.

Wood Gates:

Who doesn’t love the natural look of real wood? Wood smells nice and looks homey. The problem with any type of natural wood gate or fencing here in Phoenix, AZ is that our climate tends to be hot and dry which means real wood can dry out and crack. Furthermore, a wooden gate vs a wrought iron framed courtyard gate can become warped in bad weather and misaligned if the wall cracks and shifts. There are few sounds more grating than the sound of a wooden gate scraping concrete pavers.

Composite Wood Gates:

A composite wood gate has the look of natural wood, but will stand up to the harshness of the Phoenix sun during the summer months. Plus it’s easier to maintain than real wood since you can wipe it clean or even hose it down. Without a frame though, it can still be harder to attach to a privacy wall. That means it can still drag or become misaligned if the wall cracks or settles.

All Metal Gates:

This type of gate can be as basic as vertical bars or as elaborate as your imagine can come up with. Old world and Mediterranean designs are popular options for front courtyards of all types and simple designs are common on backyard gates. If your metal gate is powder coated to protect it from rust and splintering then maintaining it is extremely simple. The one drawback to all metal gates is they don’t provide any privacy at all.

Metal Framed Gates:  

If you decide on a metal framed gate to secure your courtyard, you get the best features of an all metal gate and the composite wood gate combined. With powder coating, this gate is virtually maintenance free. Plus you have complete privacy in your yard or on your patio which adds an extra layer of security to your home. The preferred design for this type of gate tends to be more basic, so if you’re looking for a more dramatic look, this type might not be the gate for you.

As you can see, natural wood gates don’t work well for Southwestern courtyards and backyard enclosures. But depending on your needs, and the style of your home, there are many other options available, including all metal gates and metal framed gates.

Comment below with your ideas for courtyard gates here in Phoenix. If you have any questions about gates, security doors or any other products from Eco Advantage call us today, 602-710-2913.


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