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5 Problems With Retractable Screen Doors You Should Know

Here at Eco-Advantage in Mesa, AZ, we love the French Door design trend going on right now as much as you do. They look great and have so many advantages over a sliding glass door. Plus they add a tremendous amount of resale appeal to your home as well.

That’s why so many people always ask us how they can add a screen door to these doors without sacrificing the beauty and style of the french door. Often people assume a retractable screen door is the only or best option.

While retractable screen doors might look nice and disappear out of sight, they aren’t the only attractive choice. Plus they have some issues that might make you change your mind and go with a screen door that doesn’t have those disadvantages, but that still preserves and possibly even enhances the look of your french doors.

Here are 5 problems with retractable screen doors you should know before making your decision:

    1. Child and Pet Safety: Here in Southern Arizona, we have predators like coyotes and bad weather like monsoons and dust storms that mean most of us don’t let our pets or small children go outside whenever they feel like it. Retractable screen doors won’t keep young children or pets from escaping when you don’t want them going outside. Plus pets and kids can get under and through some types of these doors.


    1. Expense: Retractable screen doors are extremely expensive in comparison to other types of screen doors. You might not have realized, but even custom steel security screen doors are more affordable than retractable doors and security screen doors offer more benefits than retractable doors, making them a better investment for your Mesa, AZ home.


    1. High Maintenance: Retractable screen doors have a lot of moving parts. This means there’s more parts that can break down or that need to be adjusted so the doors work properly. They aren’t easy to fix yourself which translates to high repair costs for both replacement parts and labor. Security screen doors don’t have a motor or lots of moving parts and good ones will last a lifetime and require very little maintenance at all.


    1. Physical Safety: Retractable screen doors require tracks to function. These tracks are a safety hazard for your entire family and anyone who visits your home. People can trip over the tracks which can result in falls and minor to severe injuries. Do you really want a screen door that can potentially cause more trips to the doctor or the emergency room? Security screen doors don’t have tracks and work just like a regular door. This makes them extremely safe, not a hazard.


    1. Security: All of the previous issues we’ve discussed with retractable screen doors are important, but probably the most concerning problem with these doors is the fact that they offer absolutely no security features to your french doors. In fact, one maker of retractable doors actually includes a security disclaimer, “Please note that retractable screen systems are not designed or intended to provide security for, or retain persons, animals or objects either in or out of your home.” That’s concerning. Why would you want a door that advertises that it does nothing to keep your home, family, pets, or belongings secure?


Steel screen doors are extremely secure. That’s why they’re called “security doors.” They can be installed with a deadbolt, including one with a keyed entry on the inside as well as the outside, so kids and pets can’t get out unless you let them. In addition, they can’t push their way out through the bottom. Plus security screen doors are extremely attractive. The newest screen doors can be made in any design you come up with, can match the look of your home, and provide peace of mind because they protect your home from break-ins.

What do you think? Are retractable doors worth the risks? Weigh in with your opinion below. Or fill out the contact form on the left side of your screen if you’d like more information on the advantages of security screen doors for your home’s french doors today.

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