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5 Facts About Driveway Gates

Last week we talked with you about entry gates and courtyard gates. It got us thinking about other types of custom steel gate ideas we could share with you. That’s when we discovered we haven’t really written about an amazing addition to any home, the driveway gate.

Driveway gates are just as versatile as other entry gates. They also look great in custom steel designs with or without composite wood elements. Here in Phoenix, AZ, real wood isn’t the best idea since it can dry out and crack in the hot summer months. But driveway gates with composite wood inserts or steel gates in all kinds of designs can make any Phoenix area home unique.

Check out these 5 facts we found to inspire you in choosing the perfect driveway gate for your home.

1. Extra Security: It’s obvious that adding a driveway gate to the fence or wall around your home will make it even more secure.  Adding gated access to your driveway can deter potential intruders.  Plus a steel gate that has wood or composite wood inserts means your home and vehicles won’t be visible to thieves.

2. Curb Appeal: Just like other custom steel entry gates and custom steel screen doors, metal driveway gates can be made in any design. Adding Southwestern or desert motifs to your Phoenix, AZ area home can further enhance its outward appearance and make it stand out, especially if you live somewhere with lots of look alike homes. Even plain barred gates with wood elements can increase the outward beauty of your home.

3. Child Safety: Even if you’re not on a busy street, letting your kids play outdoors (when it’s not too hot), can make you nervous. Between careless drivers and stranger danger, it’s understandable that you might want to keep them inside. But installing a driveway gate means your children can play in your driveway and front yard safely.  Depending on the type of gate you choose, they can even remain unseen by outsiders. Of course, you’ll still need to supervise them outside, but now any younger children who like to wander will stay behind the fence. Even teenagers will have to work harder to sneak out at night, and can’t take the car unless you let them when your driveway has a locked gate in front of it.

4. Pet Safety: Just like child safety, pet safety is important. We love our doggies here at Eco-Advantage. If you don’t have a secured driveway, we understand how you might be reluctant to let your furry family members run around in the front yard. Adding a driveway gate to your home means they can join you when you sit out front or work in your front yard. Driveway gates can keep your pets in your yard, but if you live in parts of the Phoenix area where coyotes and other predators are common, walls and even driveway gates won’t keep these critters out. Please supervise your pets when they’re outside, so they don’t become another animal’s lunch.

5. Personalization: Your imagination is the only limit when it comes to designing any custom gate for your home and driveway gates are no exception. The same design ideas we’ve written about in the past for security doors and entry gates can work for driveway gates as well. Some people even like to add their family crest or monogram to their driveway gate.

No matter what your own personal style is, driveway gates are a great addition. What about you? How do you feel about driveway gates? Let us know in the comments.

If you’re wondering if driveway gates or other types of gates might be a welcome addition to your home, contact us here at Eco-Advantage today.

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