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6 Simple Steps To Superior RV Security

Here in Phoenix, AZ, we love our RV’s and trailers. In fact, many homes in southern Arizona come with a driveway or even an alleyway back entrance for your camper, boat, or trailer. Recreational vehicles are a fun and affordable way to camp or go on a family road trip. You might worry about security and theft on the road, but what about when it’s parked at home? Thefts at campsites are actually rare, but when your camper is parked at home, it needs to be as secure as the rest of your property.

We’ve compiled a list of 6 simple steps to help you keep your camper or trailer secure. From changing the way you park to installing secure RV gates, it’s surprisingly simple to improve the safety of your family and the security of your RV and belongings so you can relax instead of worrying about someone breaking into your camper.

1. Remove Valuables: When you’re away from home, you’re more vigilant. You don’t leave valuables in plain sight or unlocked in your camper or trailer. But just because your RV is parked in your driveway or on an RV pad in your backyard, behind an RV gate, doesn’t mean you should leave property inside your RV. It’s better to be safe and unpack everything from your vacation so valuables aren’t tempting targets for thieves.

2. Keep Shades Down: Speaking of valuables, make sure the inside of your RV is invisible to outsiders. Make sure the shades or other window coverings are maintained and working. Keep them pulled when your camper or trailer is parked at home like you do on vacation. You don’t want to advertise the contents of your camper to criminals. Curtains and blinds will keep your camper covered.

3. Better Locks: It goes without saying that you need to lock the doors, windows and storage compartments on your RV. But are the locks that came standard on your camper or trailer good enough? It’s common for the locks on RV’s to be keyed to the same exact key. For doors and windows, you need to make sure that the goes over the kingpin. A cylinder lock is your best option for making sure you have RV doors that deter most burglars.

4. Install a Security System: While it’s not necessary to have a security system in place on your camper or trailer for when you’re camping. It could be useful for when your RV is parked at home. An expensive alarm isn’t essential, but motion activated lights can help deter intruders because they don’t like what they’re doing to be illuminated.

5. Improve Your Parking: When you park your RV or trailer whether it’s in your driveway or behind an RV gate, it’s tempting to back it in for convenience. That way you can pull forward onto the road without having to worry about oncoming traffic. But parking your RV this way also makes it easier for thieves to just drive it away. It’s worth the extra hassle of backing out to pull forward into your driveway or through your RV gate so criminals can’t steal it.

6. Invest In a Better RV Gate: That brings us to our sixth and final step, install a steel RV Gate. By making your RV gate more secure, you’re not just improving security for your camper, boat, or trailer here in Phoenix, AZ. You’re also making sure your yard and home are more secure by improving the gate to your backyard or side yard. Plus a criminal can’t drive through a steel RV gate. In fact, a quality RV gate might be the only step you need to take besides locking the doors and windows on your camper or trailer to make sure your RV stays safe.

We’ve come to the end of the 6 steps for keeping your RV safe and secure when you’re not on vacation. Taking a simple measure like installing an RV gate and changing how you park your camper or trailer can make a huge difference. What do you think? Let us know below about any tips you have for keeping your RV secure when it’s parked at home or when you’re on a trip.

If you’re curious about better RV gates, give us a call or fill out the contact form. We’d love to answer any questions you might have about RV gates and how they can help keep your RV and yard secure.

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