4 Entry Enclosure Ideas To Make Your Home Stylish & Secure in 2017

Picture it, you’re going for a relaxing Sunday drive here in the Valley of the Sun and you see a gorgeous arched front entry with a beautiful ornate entry enclosure gate. It reminds you of that vacation you took to Spain on your honeymoon and you wonder if they spent a fortune to have it shipped to Phoenix, AZ from somewhere exotic.

One of the many great things here in Phoenix, AZ, is our Southwestern and Spanish style architecture. It looks great on its own, but the arched entries, front courtyards, and open covered porches invite you to personalize and enhance the attractiveness of your home with some kind of entry enclosure. Perhaps you also worry about security and your courtyard or entryway.

Here at Eco-Advantage, we created this list of 4 entry enclosure ideas that are just perfect for your Phoenix home look amazing and that increase the security of your front entry or courtyard.

1.Classical: When you think of classical enclosure gates, you might think of courtyards and entries in Spain, or maybe the gates of Versailles in France. Mediterranean architecture from long ago with its curls, swirls, and other round shapes, or with its patterns like leaves and other natural objects goes well with your Spanish or Southwestern style home’s exterior entry ways and entry corridors or courtyard.

2.Functional: Maybe drawing attention to your entry or courtyard isn’t your style, and you like a no-nonsense approach that’s more about making your home look secure. There’s nothing wrong with installing an entry enclosure that’s a plain bar style. Plus depending on what’s around your entry or if you’re looking for an entry gate that you can train bougainvillea or another plant to grow around, a functional gate that’s just plain bars is your best bet.

3.Colorful: Custom steel entry enclosures are powder coated, not painted. Most people here in Phoenix and the surrounding areas choose gates that are black, dark brown or a desert taupe color. But powder coating comes in a wide variety of colors, including vibrant colors. There’s no reason other than HOA rules not to try a more bold color entry enclosure such as red, blue or green. Maybe you’ll even start a trend.

4.Exotic: Maybe you want a custom entry enclosure that you design because you just haven’t seen something you like, or you want to incorporate a combination of design styles. Alternatively, you might have been on vacation in India or another exotic location and you want to use designs for your front courtyard inspired by architecture you saw there. Many people in the valley want to enhance the Southwest feel of their home with Native American or Cowboy inspired elements like horses, coyotes, and saguaro cacti.

No matter what type of design you choose for your home’s exterior entry or front courtyard, adding a custom steel entry enclosure to your home will make it more secure, and add a touch of individuality to your home.

If you have any questions or your own ideas for great entry enclosure designs, comment below or contact us today. Custom entry enclosures might be something you hadn’t thought of until now, but if you’d like to know more, give us a call today.

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