5 Steps Towards Better Courtyard Security in 2018

We put a lot of effort into keeping the inside of our homes secure (as we should), but we can’t neglect what’s immediately outside of it, either! Your courtyard provides direct access to the front door and can have its fair share of valuables out in the open to boot.

An outdoor vestibule like a courtyard gives you a private little spot that also looks great. But beyond appearances, these spaces provide the perfect opportunity for a savvy homeowner (and we know that you’re one!) to give their property an extra boost in security. Why wait until a would-be thief is at the house itself? There are plenty of easy, non-intrusive ways to use the extra square footage to your family’s advantage without sacrificing comfort or accessibility.

Option #1: Gates

We naturally have to start with this one. But it’s not simply because we specialize in doors; they’re also the strongest precaution you can take, physically speaking. Courtyard gates do not come flimsy: whether it’s wood or metal, a single door or two, they give your home another practical layer of protection that you might not otherwise be able to have. After all, your front door can only have so much added to it; a nice security screen on it is good, but having another that has to be used before you can even reach it? All the better.

While these gates can come in very big, very elaborate packages, it’s important to avoid sacrificing quality for a fancy design. Make sure that your choice is tall enough to discourage climbing (none of those waist-high garden types!) and comes with a good lock: a deadbolt at the very least, if not a handle-set one as well. It may require another key on your ring and an extra minute to get through, but these are small prices to pay for the reinforcement you’ll get out of the deal.

Option #2: Cameras

This is your next best bet for more immediately effective security measures. A camera system can be a costly expense to put to home use, but the technology has evolved so greatly in recent years that a decent model can be relatively affordable. And while they may take some time to set up properly, newer designs come with all kinds of features to make them easier to install and use, including wireless connectivity and smartphone integration that lets you view footage from wherever you are.

Option #3: Lights

With those bigger options out of the way, expect these last two to be more about deterring potential crooks than actively stopping them. They may not seem like much on their own, but you’d be surprised by how effectively a bit of flash can be even when it doesn’t have a whole lot of substance behind it.

With that in mind, consider installing some motion-activated lights: when movement is detected within their periphery, they switch and stay on for several seconds. They’re generally inexpensive and can make intruders think twice about approaching your house. Darkness is the best cover-up for a robbery, after all, and even a simple spotlight will take away its power.

Option #4: Advertising

Unless you’re really committed and decide to set up tripwires around your property, the alarm systems you use are going to be kept to the inside of your home. Just because they’re indoors doesn’t mean they can’t do good out in the open, however! Putting up signs or stickers in your yard and windows will warn robbers from the get-go and possibly convince them to search elsewhere for easier targets. And if you do have cameras, make sure they’re prominently displayed! Make sure the scoundrels know that they’re being watched.

With these tips in mind, you should have no trouble in finding at least a few ways to ensure that your courtyard areas contribute to your home security. Remember: it’s better to be overly cautious than not cautious enough!