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5 Ways You Can Incorporate the Pantone Color of 2018 in Your Outdoor Decor

Every year the Pantone Color Institute releases its prediction for the color of the year and this year is no exception. Last spring was the first year we wrote about it, so we thought we’d do it again this year. So without further adieu, this year’s color of the year is Ultraviolet, a deep purple shade. It’s quite a contrast to last year’s more subtle “Greenery” a relaxing shade of the light grees of grasses and desert plants like Saguaro and other cacti.

However, Pantone does scour the globe and comes to their conclusion on what the next big color trend in design will be and they do have evidence that dark purples are indeed everywhere from clothes to furniture to patio furniture and more.  So how can you incorporate the purple trend into the outdoor areas of your Phoenix area home? From plants to patio furniture and more, we have 5 ideas for ways you can incorporate the Pantone Color of the year into your outdoor decor. Take a look:

1. Plants & Flowers

Right now the weather is cool here in Phoenix, AZ, so it’s the ideal time for purple flowers like Aster, Lavender, Thistle, Vervain, and Lantana. Cacti and flowering succulent plants with purple and violet blooms are also an ideal way to incorporate the latest purple trend into your yard or garden.

2. Cushions & Curtains

If you’re looking to revamp your patio furniture with this year’s color trend, consider changing your old patio cushions and pillows for new ones in shades of deep purple and complementary tones like gold or last year’s greens. It’s ok if you renew your cushions every year. That way your patio furniture always looks brand new. Even consider updating the powder coating color to so your new purple cushions stand out more.

3. Amethyst Geodes

Nothing says Southwest like geodes! Maybe you agree, but even if you don’t, amethyst geodes and purple garden accessories like vases, tables, candles and outdoor lamps are a great way to add this year’s “purple haze” in small doses to your existing patio furnishings. After all, here in the desert, pops of color are part of the natural beauty of the Phoenix area landscape.

4. Planters, Pots & Fountains

Planters and pots in shades of purple from deep to lavender can bring this year’s trendy hue into your yard. Whether you also incorporate purple flowers or just add a cactus or succulent to the pot, your neighbors will surely envy how quickly you added the color to your home. Alternatively, you could try a purple ceramic fountain to add purple peace to your patio or deck.

5. Paint

Last but not least, what about painting the trim or a wood table purple? If a darker hue is too overwhelming, consider a lighter or complimentary color. Pantone has a number of color scheme suggestions that go well with purple. Even if you hate the color, you might find another color you like better.

No matter how you decide to embrace the newest purple trend, even if it’s just to laugh and then decide to replace your patio furniture with more neutral tones, these 5 ideas are relevant to other tones as well. So whether you’re deep into purple or prefer taupe, we hope you’re inspired.

So, what do you think of the Pantone Color of 2018? Did they make the right choice? Let us know in the comments below.

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