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Is Crime On the Rise in Mesa & How to Stay Safe

When you think about moving to a new place, you might worry about things like crime rate, especially violent crime and property crime like robbery and burglary. Sometimes, our city of Mesa, AZ gets a bad rap because maybe we aren’t as trendy as Scottsdale or Tempe, but if you’re worried about how to stay safe and if crime is on the rise here in Mesa, we have great news, the answer is No!

In fact, according to the 2017 Safewise Report, Mesa, AZ was ranked number 8 as one of the safest cities in the United States.

That’s great news! We think Mesa is a great place to live. But just because Mesa is the 8th safest place to live in the country doesn’t mean you can ignore your home’s security as well as personal safety. We did some research and came up with some common sense ideas for being proactive about your safety and security no matter what part of Mesa you live in.

Personal Safety Tips

1. Walking:

Mesa has some great parks and neighborhoods for walking alone, with friends or with your pets. Just because a city has been rated as one of the safest though, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use a little bit of common sense when you’re going for a stroll.

Also be aware of your surroundings and be careful if you like to listen to music, podcasts, or a book through headphones or earbuds. You might not hear or notice suspicious people like you would if you weren’t distracted by your favorite song or story. It’s better to skip the headset, but if you must, make sure you listen at a volume that still allows you to hear and focus on the people around you.

2. After dark:

In the summer, it gets super hot outside, so you might prefer to walk around after the sun sets. Carry a flashlight and walk with a friend or family member, even if you have your dog with you. These days most phones have a flashlight built in.

If you have a garage attached to your home it’s safest to park inside. But when you live in an apartment or townhouse you might have to park in a parking lot or on the street. You can still be safe, just remain alert and always have your keys out and ready to unlock your door. Carry your cell phone and make sure someone knows where you are and text or phone them when you’re inside.

Home Security Tips

  1. Locks and Security Doors:

Always keep your doors locked, even when you’re at home during the day. It might seem overzealous, but it’s better to be safe than risk having a stranger or criminal just walk into your home through an unlocked door. It also doesn’t matter if your home is in the most affluent and safest neighborhood in town. Even gated communities and wealthy neighborhoods aren’t immune to crime.

Consider installing security screen doors on all your doors, especially any sliding and french doors. Sliding glass doors are very easy for criminals to open and even if they’re not, many professional thieves will simply break the glass. If you don’t want to block the view through them with metal, you can get security doors that have no bars nut are just as secure.

2. Windows:

Make sure when you go out or are asleep at night that you secure any windows that can be opened from outside. If you prefer to sleep with a window partly open to let in fresh air, you can place a wooden pole or board diagonally across to help keep it from being forced open.

For added security, you can install window guards over your windows. In neighborhoods with higher crime levels, this is always a good idea. These days there are more options as far as design is concerned and it’s not necessary to make your home look like a jail or a fortress.

Final Thoughts

Here at Steel Advantage, we’re proud to be part of the Mesa, AZ community. We were so happy when we discovered Mesa came in 8th place for safest cities in the United States. We know, Mesa is a great place to live. But even the safest city still has some crime and it pays to know how to keep your home and yourself safe and secure. By remaining alert and aware, keeping your door locked and installing the right security products, you’re well on your way to ensuring you’re protected.

What do you think? Is Mesa a great place to live? Do you feel safe here? Tell us your Mesa story in the comments below.

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