3 Reasons Why Not All Security Doors Are Created Equal

Tony Gambino Featured Image 3 Reasons Why Not All Security Doors Are Created Equal

Drive down just about any highway in the greater Phoenix area and you might notice people selling security screen doors out of their truck or van at a turnout or the side of the road. Head to your favorite do it yourself or hardware store and you’ll find an entire aisle or more filled with security screen doors. So why is it important to have a custom-made security door if they’re so easy to come by ready-made? Aren’t all security doors created equal?

The truth is whether you buy your security door from us or from another manufacturer, there’s a big difference between an off-the-rack screen door and one that’s custom made for your home and installed by experts instead of you, your handy-man, or a store employee. So what exactly comes with a high-quality custom security screen door?

1. Better Security

Custom security screen doors come with features like 5 gauge steel vault pins and tamper resistant hinge screws, as well better quality locks, kick-plates and more make your home more secure than many off-the-rack doors that you can take home right away. Furthermore, that non-custom door might not fit the opening quite right, compromising your family’s safety and security.

2. Better Standard Features

Often features that might cost extra on a ready-made screen door are standard features on custom doors. Things like 50% polyester weave bug screens, inset felt bug tight weatherstrips, flush mounting, and pneumatic door closers aren’t things you’ll get on a low-priced door you can buy at the local big-box stores.

3. Customization

When you have a security door made to order rather than just buying one from that guy in a van or from your local hardware store, you get personalized service and a door that fits your home and taste. With a custom door, your door is custom measured and you can even have a design of your choice included on your door. For example, if you love peacocks, why not have a door with a peacock motif? Are you into horses, then perhaps a Southwestern cowboy motif. Any design you can imagine can be incorporated into your screen door. That’s not going to happen with an off-the-rack door.


There are many other advantages to custom security screen doors over a ready-made door. Even if your budget is tight, a standard template design screen door from a reputable manufacturer is always a better choice over a low-quality door that won’t last as long as a better quality security door would. In the end, you could wind up spending more money.

Of course, there are more than 3 reasons that all screen doors aren’t created equal, but we think better security, better standard features, and customization options, as well as superior durability, are strong arguments in favor of custom security screen doors.

What do you think? Are custom doors worth it or do you think off-the-rack security doors are just as good? Let us know in the comments below.