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How Is a Security Screen Door Sealed Against Insects?

The chances are high that you don’t want bugs to enter your home during summer. Mosquitoes are problems in certain areas, and those pesky critters can cause painful allergic reactions, sickness, and overall havoc. Understanding how your door closes and knowing which steps to take to keep bugs out is crucial. Here are some useful tips so that you can keep bugs away effectively.

Check the Weather Stripping and Update It if Necessary

Even if you have a brand-new door, bugs can get in through gaps between your door and the doorframe and between the door and the floor. Therefore, the first order of business is to ensure that your door has new weather stripping on the sides. Weather stripping effectively closes the gaps and makes it almost impossible for bugs to find their way through. You probably need a weather stripping upgrade or update if you’ve had your door in place for years. Like all other things, the material can wear over time.

Buy a Gap Seal Kit

You may also want to invest in a gap seal kit for the bottom part of your door. The kit will come with rubber, silicone, or another material you can put between your door and the floor to block insects. The product is not expensive, and it might surprise you with its high level of effectiveness.

Purchase an Anti-Insect Security Screen Door

A security screen is a special product explicitly designed to keep intruders out of the property. This screen door style may also effectively keep the bugs outside where they belong. They often contain materials with smaller openings that still allow fresh air to get into the home. Many manufacturers have invested a lot of time and money into crafting these doors for break-in prevention. Thus, they have much more strength than the average screen doors and may even have special coatings to aid you in repelling mosquitos and other intruders.

Spray Insect Repellant on the Screen Door

You can take additional steps to stop bugs from getting into the house. Spraying insect repellent on your doors is one way to make them less interested in coming inside. You can also consider attaching a bug repellant adhesive to the screen door to trap them when they approach.

You may even want to take another approach: lighting a bug-repellant candle inside your house. It would be good if you implemented as many practices as possible to keep the critters away. Place the candle on a table close to the door and light it before spending time with the door open. The intruders will get one whiff of the candle smell and decide to fly in the other direction. But repellant candles are an inexpensive option that will give you an extra layer of protection.

Try the tips mentioned above and then monitor your home to see how much of a difference this advice made. You may be pleasantly surprised by the outcome.

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