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What Is the Purpose of Door Closers & Wind Chains?

The right accessories are important to your storm doors. Most people aren’t even aware that storm doors have or need accessories, but a few add-ons can make your door safer and reduce damage. In this quick guide, we will look at two accessories you might want to consider: door closers and wind chains. If you are unfamiliar with security door chains and closers, this information will help you better understand why you might need these accessories.

What Is a Door Closer?

A door closer is a device often added to a storm door so that the door closes automatically rather than slamming shut. The door closer will slow the opening and closing of a door. This device is available in a range of prices and can be fitted to most sizes of doors.

Why Do I Need a Door Closer?

A door closer can help to prevent damage to the door. When doors are left to swing shut or slam shut, it can cause damage.

In addition, particularly heavy doors can also cause injuries if they are allowed to slam shut. This could present a distinct risk to children, the elderly, and disabled individuals.

Another benefit of a door closer is that it ensures that the door closes securely. The door closer will close the door completely. When a door is left to shut on its own, it may shut improperly or not latch. If a door does not close or latch properly, it could cause a security issue.

What Are Wind Chains?

Wind chains are simple door accessories that are important for people living in locations that experience high winds. If high winds suddenly blow open your storm door, the wind chain will absorb some of the shock. This can help to prevent damage. High winds can rip doors out of the door frames, causing damage to the door frame and sometimes even your house as well.

The wind chain will decrease the distance that the door can actually open. Even if winds are not strong enough to rip the door off, they could be strong enough to damage the door or exterior lighting.

Wind chains are extremely inexpensive, but this small amount of money could save you from costly damage later on.

Can I Install My Own Door Closers and Wind Chains?

Homeowners can install their own door closers and wind chains. However, it is essential to make sure you are installing them properly. When installed improperly, they are less effective at protecting your doors.

Check out a few YouTube videos on proper installation first, and follow the instructions on your kit when you purchase.

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