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Add-Ons & Accessories in Phoenix, AZ

Make your door a bonafide work of art with our Add-On Designs!

Our add-on designs and door accents are for those looking combine function, fidelity, and flair. Our American-made steel designs can be added to any steel door, and range from understated to bold. We are proud of our legacy of outstanding service in the greater Phoenix area, and it shows in our add-on designs.

For a full list of our add-on designs, please see the groups linked below.

Group 1 Designs Group 2 Designs

Door Accents

These designs showcase that distinct Southwestern flair. These silhouettes and unique designs display iconic valley scenes and characters, from the root-snortin’ buckaroo to the ancient designs and traditions of the Native Americans. An add-on design adds a lot of character and excitement to any of our tried-and-true steel doors. A front door makes a big first impression, and our designs make that impression even bigger.

Some of our featured Add-Ons and Security Accent designs include:

  • Cowboy & Cowgirl Silhouettes
  • Outlaw Profiles
  • Native American Art
  • Cattle Skulls
  • Arizona Landscape Scenes
  • Wildlife Silhouettes
  • State Shapes
  • Christian & Religious Symbols
  • Frieze Decorations
  • Embellishments & Patterns
  • Classic & Old Fashioned Ironwork Designs
  • Scrolls & Panels
  • Celestial Bodies

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Our Door Add-On Designs are Made in Phoenix with American Steel

Phoenix, Arizona has a rich history in metalworking, and we honor that tradition with our designs and craftsmanship. American Steel has forged the modern world, from Andrew Carnegie to the skyscrapers of the Phoenix skyline. Steel Advantage brings that all-American integrity and innovation to the world of steel doors. These designs reflect our pride as Arizonans and Americans. We bring American craftsmanship to the iconic scenes from the American Southwest in our steel work.

Steel Advantage pays homage to the cowboys and cowgirls, outlaws, Native Americans, the gorgeous desert landscape, Arizona wildlife, timeless ironwork patterns from yesteryear, the stunning Southwestern sky, and so much more. A meticulous attention to detail sets Steel Advantage apart from the competition, and our extraordinary add-on artwork showcases what makes us stand out.

For a closer look at our remarkable design work and steadfast steel door construction, be sure to check out our showrooms in Phoenix and Mesa, Arizona. Customizing your door with add-ons and accents will not compromise the integrity of your Steel Advantage door. Even with a stunning, customized look, our doors have mitered corners for protection from rust, maximum visibility/airflow, sun protection, powder coating for durability, and our best price guarantee!

Add-on and door flair can be added to any door that Steel Advantage Security Doors, Gates, and Patio offers. There is no detail too big or small for our artisans on staff. Please do not hesitate to contact us for your inquiries on custom work add-on. Steel Advantage is pleased to make your artistic vision with your accents, patio furniture, and mesh doors in Phoenix or Mesa, AZ a reality!

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