Request Service: Repair, Warranty, Repowder

***Take Down, Sand Blast, Re-Powder Coat, Re-Screen & Reinstall***

Security Doors with Slight or Moderate Rust$575.00
Gates with Slight or Moderate Rust$495.00

Doors or Gates with Heavy Rust Cannot be Re-Done.

Other Repair Services:*

New Lock$25.00
New Lever (Handle)$20.00
Re-Key Lock to Match Entry$25.00
New Closer & Wind Chain$25.00
New Weather Stripping$25.00
New Expander w/ Rubber$25.00***
New Rubber Only$15.00
New Super Screen$115.00
New Sun Screen$170.00
Take Down Door / Gate$110.00
Re-Install Door / Gate **$110.00

Glass or Perforated Metal: ****

Add New or Replace: Full Door$265.00
Top Glass$110.00
Middle Glass$55.00
Bottom Glass$110.00

* Service Charges in Addition to Above Costs

First 30 Minutes$65.00
Each Additional 15 Minutes$11.50

** If Required, Additional Parts will be Quoted as Needed.
*** Plus, Powder Coating $75.00 if not Paired with another Product
**** Oversized add Top or Bottom $15.00 Middle $5.00

Steel Advantage offers repair and re-powder coating services for most Security doors and gates, that are built by any manufacturer.  This option offers the chance to make your old products look like brand new again, at a much lower cost than full replacement of the product(s).  Should you need a simple service call to repair poor operation of a product or its hardware, we can do that as well.  We are here to help!

Door/Gate Repair Services

We provide a wide array of repair services for all security doors. Please note that repair visits have a minimum service charge of $65.

Door/Gate Repowder Services

We will uninstall, sand/strip old powdercoat or paint, re-powdercoat, rescreen and re-install your security door or gate!  YOU CAN EVEN CHANGE THE COLOR! This is a great way to eliminate slight or moderate rust, which can sometimes be caused by sprinkler systems or animals. Note that doors or gates we deem to heavily damaged by heavy rust cannot be repainted.


Request Service: Repair, Warranty, Repowder

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Best time to call:  Morning Evening Anytime

Services Requested:

Please let us know what services you're requesting. And yes: We work on all door brands!
Note that all repair and installation services (not repowders) also have a minimum service charge of $65 for the first 30 minutes of work, and $11.25 per each additional 15 minutes of work.

 New Lock ($25) New Lever/Handle ($20) Re-key Lock to Match Entry ($25) New Closer & Wind Chain ($25) New Weather Stripping ($25) New Expander w/rubber ($25) if requires powder coating add $75 New Rubber only ($15) New Super Screen ($115) New Sun Screen ($170) Take Down Door/Gate ($110) Re-install Door/Gate ($110) plus new parts if old ones not usable Add or Replace Glass/Perf Metal, Full Door ($300) Add or Replace Glass/Perf Metal, Top ($125) Add or Replace Glass/Perf Metal, Middle ($50) Add or Replace Glass/Perf Metal, Bottom ($125) RePowder Security Door ($525) RePowder Gate ($495)

Repowdering prices for both gates and security doors includes labor and takedown, sandblasting, re-powder coating, new screens and frames, and re-installation.

Customers with existing Steel Advantage(?) products, please describe your warranty service needs here.