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Security Door Repair

Steel Advantage
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We are your security door repair experts in the Phoenix metropolitan area. Steel Advantage services all types of security doors, security gates, and steel mesh window coverings.

Contact us today for repairs, maintenance, and any questions you may have by calling (602) 962-1202, or by filling out our contact form.

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What We Offer

We provide a wide array of repair services for all Steel Advantage security doors, gates, and windows. Please note that security screen door repair visits have a minimum service charge of $95.

Security Door Repair Services

  • New Lock – $45
  • New Lockbox Lever Handle – $45
  • New Slimline Lock & Lever – $135
  • Rekey Compatible Lock to Housekey – $45
  • Slim Lock & Lever – $95
  • New Door Closer & Wind Chain – $45
  • New Weather Stripping – $45
  • New Expander w/ Rubber Sweep – $45
  • New Replacement Sweep Rubber Only – $30
  • Take Down OR Reinstall Door, Gate, Window Guard – $175


  • First 30 minutes – $95
  • Each Additional 15 Minutes – $12

Glass or Perforated
Metal Services

At Steel Advantage you have the opportunity to replace or add a new glass or metal door to your home.

  • Standard Size Door
  • Oversized Door
  • New Super Bug Screen 50% Weave
  • Make New Frames
  • New Sunscreen 80% Wave
  • Make New Frames

Repowder Services

Our comprehensive service includes the removal, sanding/stripping of old powder coat or paint, re-powder coating, rescreening, and reinstallation of your Steel Advantage door or gate. This process effectively addresses minor to moderate rust issues, which may result from factors such as sprinkler systems or animal exposure.

It’s important to note that doors or gates extensively damaged by heavy rust may not be suitable for repainting.

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We want to hear from you. We’re here to answer any questions you may have about Steel Advantage or the services we provide.

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