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The 4 Types of Security Screen Doors

When you’re trying to decide what kind of security or regular screen door you want for your home, things can get pretty confusing. It seems these days like every steel and metal works that manufactures security screen doors has their own name for really what are only 4 types of doors. That’s it – 4. It’s this inconsistency that made us here at Steel Advantage in Phoenix, AZ decide to write this brief guide to the 4 types of security screen doors. Below you’ll find brief descriptions of each type, so you can be a better informed customer and purchase a door that fits your home and your budget.

1. Single Security Doors

When you just need a security door for a basic front door, this is the most common type of door. Contrary to what you might believe, this type of door is available in more than just a basic vertical bar design. Single security doors can be found at big box stores and other distributors, but it’s always better to purchase them directly from a manufacturer so you know who made them and you can get the best warranties. Plus even single security doors are fully customizable, depending on the company you purchase yours from. We always have customizable and add-on designs available for our doors.

2. Double Security Doors

If you have a double front door, sliding glass doors, or French doors, then double security doors are what you need. Basic double security doors are similar to single security doors, except there are 2 of them, 1 main door, and another door that can remain closed or can be opened. And like single security doors, double doors come in a large variety of styles and designs from the simple vertical bar type to the more elaborate floral and medallion designs that look amazing on Spanish style homes and other Southwestern style homes you might see around Phoenix.

3. Mesh Doors

If you want to keep your home secure, but hate the idea of security doors then a mesh security screen door is what you want to look for. You might think that mesh wouldn’t protect your home, but this mesh is made of steel, not fabric or aluminum. It can’t be ripped or kicked in. Plus mesh doors like our mesh Ecoguard Secureview doors, come with a removable safety glass panel so when it’s cooler here in Phoenix, you can allow fresh air to flow freely into your home while staying safe from bugs and intruders.

4. Laser Doors

Laser cut steel security doors bring another level of customization to your doors that regular single and double doors can’t. Laser cutting is an amazing technology that allows door manufacturers like Steel Advantage to create designs for you that we never could with more conventional metalworking methods. Laser doors styles can come from pre-existing templates as well as from templates that you co-design with the steelworks, like us, who manufacture your door. Plus you can purchase laser security doors in both single and double styles.


Hopefully, now you can see that there are really only 4 types of security screen doors out there. And whether you choose single doors, double doors, mesh doors, or laser doors, or a combination of 1 or more types, knowing which type is which can only make your purchase decision that much simpler.

What do you think? Do you agree that there are really only 4 types of security screen doors? Let us know in the comments below.


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