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What Are Steel Window Guards?

Steel window guards protect windows from break-ins. These devices are typically used in commercial buildings, but are also popular in residential settings to protect windows and walls from theft.


These are affixed to your windows so strongly that burglars would need power tools and plenty of time to remove them. They also help prevent accidental falls on the windows. Generally, these bars are made of Iron but certain polycarbonates are available as well. They are easy to install and don’t affect the appearance of your house as much as other window security options do. They’re a great option for basement and ground floor windows as they not only prevent break-ins but provide safety and allow good ventilation at all times. They are also relatively inexpensive and easy to install – they just need to be attached to your existing window frames using mounting hardware that is sold separately.


A grate is a furniture-type item usually made of metal or wood. They can be functional, such as a safety feature or an aesthetic design element to match the style of your home. The best thing about grates is their ability to blend into the background while protecting your home from intruders or letting natural light and ventilation into the rooms below. They can be fabricated in a variety of sizes and styles to meet your unique needs. Often they are made with the assistance of a professional fab shop, but for those who have the time or inclination to do it yourself there are plenty of great options available online. Among these is the Safe-T-Guard(tm) bar grate, a solid, steel window guard that combines the best of both worlds. The grate is designed to be easy to install and a breeze to clean, while allowing for light and airflow in the basement below.


Grilles divide the large glass sheet into smaller panes. They are often made of metal or wood, and serve both functional and aesthetic purposes. They are also a popular architectural feature on windows. They can give your windows an authentic appearance and tie together other elements on your house’s exterior. There are several different types of window grilles, so you can choose the ones that best suit your needs and preferences. You should also take your home’s architectural style into consideration when deciding what kind of grilles to install. Some grilles are adjustable and allow the user to regulate the air flow in the vertical or horizontal direction. Others have fixed blades that are either straight or at an angle. In addition to being functional, grilles can also help improve the security of your business. They can protect against theft and animals, and prevent unwanted visitors from entering your building.

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