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Beyond the Basics: Advanced Enhancements for Your Security Screen Door

Beyond the Basics: Advanced Enhancements for Your Security Screen Door

When it comes to keeping our homes safe, we all start with the basics such as strong locks and solid doors. But what if you could take your home’s security to the next level? Improving your security screen door involves utilizing stronger materials, incorporating cutting-edge technology, and enhancing visual appeal. Here at Steel Advantage, we prioritize your safety by equipping our security screen doors with everything from reinforced frames to wind chains, ensuring your peace of mind.

Wind Chains

In areas like Phoenix, where strong winds and monsoon seasons are common, wind chains become an essential safety feature for security screen doors, ensuring stability and protection against the elements. They prevent the door from forcefully swinging open or shut, therefore, protecting the door’s integrity and ensuring the safety of individuals as they enter or exit. Not only do they extend the lifespan of your screen door by reducing wind-induced stress, wind chains create a safer environment for all users, proving to be a valuable asset in maintaining security.

Mitered Corners

Arguably the most critical feature of a security screen door, mitered corners play an important role in enhancing both the door’s structural integrity and overall safety. By fitting at precise angles, they form a secure joint that effectively reduces weak points vulnerable to intruder attempts. Beyond their functional importance, Steel Advantage’s meticulous design detail also contributes to the door’s sleek, finished look, combining durability with style.

Pneumatic Door Closers

Pneumatic door closers are a great safety feature for security screen doors, providing controlled, smooth closure to prevent slamming and potential injury. This device guarantees a secure closure with each use, enhancing the door’s role in protecting your home from unauthorized access. By automatically managing the closing speed, pneumatic door closers also contribute to the longevity of your screen door, protecting it from the wear and tear of daily use.

Upgrading to advanced security screen doors not only boosts your home’s safety but also its convenience and visual appeal. These improvements add a touch of reassurance, seamlessly integrating security with style. Consider making this investment to elevate both the protection and curb appeal of your home.

The Steel Advantage Difference

Steel Advantage is a family-owned and operated business in the Phoenix metropolitan area. When you choose our company, you’re not just getting quality products at a fair price; you’re getting a commitment to excellence in installation and service.

When it comes to the perfect combination of security and comfort, Steel Advantage has you covered. Contact us today for more information on making your home more secure.

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