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Patio furniture is designed to uplift your quality of life outdoors and bridge the gap between interior comfort and exterior freedom. The San Marcos Series from Steel Advantage is a testament to this marriage, with a design that offers freedom, allure, sophistication and comfort.

You won’t find the San Marcos Series at any patio furniture store in Phoenix, AZ for one simple reason: it’s a cut above the ordinary. The alluring designs of the series can’t be replicated by a factory line or imitated by cheap manufacturers. Instead, the wrought-iron resilience and defining features of these chairs, tables and loungers is unique to Steel Advantage Security Doors, Gates, and Patio.

Custom Patio Furniture in Phoenix, AZ

The San Marcos Series features rounded legs and curled arm ends, with a slotted, slat-like design that blends simplicity with luxury. The look of each piece in this series is simple, with just the right amount of accent to mark the quality of the custom nature of the collection. It’s meant to be an understated, back-to-basics line that merges traditional comfort with modern demands for luxury.

San Marcos Series pieces sit lower to the ground, creating a bridge between you and the outside world. It’s easy to sink into a chair or lounger and experience the comfort, while you take in the fresh air, bright sun and lackadaisical atmosphere of your outdoor space. This design is for the outdoor reader, the sunbather, the relaxer, and anyone seeking euphoria outdoors.

Bring the San Marcos Series home

If you’re looking to transform your outdoor space into an area where you can relax and experience the calmness of nature, it’s time to look beyond a traditional patio chair cushion store in Phoenix or Mesa, AZ. Let Steel Advantage Security Doors, Gates, and Patio introduce you to the San Marcos Series today.

Stop by and visit us or contact us at 602-710-2913 for more information about this stunning series of tables, chairs, loungers and more.

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